More simplified naming conventions?

Challenges that are titled with a string of letters and numbers become difficult to identify, for simplicity sake (particularly for new members) perhaps things could be named just what they are? The title containing the words “challenge” the topic subject, and a brief identifier such as “spring 2020”. I am here every single day and I have no idea which challenge is about what. I can’t imagine how baffling that must be to someone just checking in or newly joined.


@Magpie, I’m trying to understand what you are referencing. Do you have an example link you can share?

Sure, here’s one.
“FCQ12020 Challenge Entry” is baffling.

That’s clearly the Fish and Chicken Quality challenge. I don’t understand the problem.



LOL, crack me up :laughing:

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What? I thought it was the Frog Catchers Quarterly Challenge :frog:


Challenge entries should definitely still state what they are as a project (a great title!), so people can search and find them later. Having the challenge identifier at the end of the title is totally okay, though.

Maybe the challenge identifier could be a bit more clear? It seems like a secret code the way it is, which is not very inviting to be honest.