Mosaic art pieces

I made two mosaic art pieces for a couple of friends’ birthdays.

I started with some wood pieces I had in stash, and pulled out my random bits and bobs and tiles to see what would go well together. I ran into a little snag since I can’t find my mosaic nippers (!!!) so had to improvise without being able to cut any tile material.

Here is one of them with a layer of grout over it - the scariest part of all. It took a while to smooth and clean everything up.

Here is the makeshift catching tray I made from tin foil to catch any overflow of resin so it didn’t get everywhere.

And final looks (I still need to finish the backs, but done enough for pictures!)


These are absolutely gorgeous!! I LOVE that black grout. It really adds an element of drama. And the resin coating really finishes nicely! Beautiful work.

Oooh, the scissors! Such a cool result.

These look so good! I love the designs you created and the resin is a beautiful finishing touch!

Wow! These are beautiful!!

Those are super pretty. I adore the scissors one! Both are stunning, but since i sew, I gravitate towards the scissors.

Did you paint the sides black or use grout all the way down the sides?

Thanks everyone!

@AudiobookLover - I painted the backs and sides black, but there is also some grout on the sides, though it’s not full coverage.

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Wow! These are really cool! The “found objects” are really striking in these and the resin really finishes them off nicely. They have a very sophisticated look!

These are absolutely gorgeous! I love the one with the flying scissors. :slight_smile:

:fallen_leaf: :maple_leaf: Congrats! This fall-tastic project is one of this week’s featured projects! :maple_leaf: :fallen_leaf:

I sure would love to see a mosaic in the All Things Being Equal: Craft The Equinox Challenge. Hint hint.

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Oh that wasn’t even on my radar!

Oh! I guess I meant I’d love to see a mosaic, but if you can explain how this one fits the criteria, I suppose we could include it.

You made those without cutting any of the tile pieces…wow…that takes skill and patience! They are lovely and a unique gift…and using what you have on hand!

Okay, these are super awesome. Mosaic work i. ine of the few roads I have. ot ventured down yet, but want to. lol. These are lovely. I am sure your friends will be thrilled. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

These are soooooo cool! I love everything about them.