Mossy Dandelion & Chrysanthemum Brooches

I’ve been trying to use up some of the older materials that I’ve had in my stash, and this week I got through all the silver stamped frames :smiley: I used them to make two mossy brooches - one with a dandelion and one with a burgundy chrysanthemum

I actually made two of these brooches, each a little different - but I like this one especially.

The back is card covered with chiyogami paper and sealed with PVA glue.

The burgundy chrysanthemum mossy brooch has a vintage copper-colored lucite apple cabochon, which is one of the favorite things I have in my stash. I have several more, but I use them pretty sparingly. I eventually need to make something for myself with the apple cabochons, but I haven’t figured out what yet.


What creativity to use the frames for these multimedia mossy scenes! I like that the first one has the cute mushrooms, and the little fallen dandelion seeds.

The second one is very pretty; I love the color of the flower and the apple cabochan is very cool! You had better make something for yourself…so appropriate for your screen name!

I love the dandelion one. It’s so beautiful. I don’t know anything about twitch. But I might have to learn to see how you do these.

These are so pretty! I love the smaller scale.

These are so unique and colorful! I would love to wear them.

So beautiful! I really like that chrysanthemum one!

These are so nifty!