Mother and Daughter Snowpeople

Last year at about this time, my mother taught me how to do a basic single crochet stitch, and how to make crocheted hanger covers to keep my dresses from slipping to the closet floor. Then in February, @storerboughtcreation taught me more stitches, and got me started on a total amigurumi obsession! So I decided to bring this full circle, and teach my mom how to make amigurumi. She decided she wanted to make a cute Christmas decoration as a gift, and as it happened I did too, so we made these little snowpeople together:

We used this pattern:

I made the little snowman in front, and Mom made the larger one in back. Same pattern, same yarn, different tension! Apparently I crochet very tightly. We both kinda winged the noses. I’m super impressed with the one Mom made up! My creation flew to Canada to live with @Nou, and Mom’s went to stay with one of her friends nearby. :slight_smile: It was such a fun family project! I’m trying to convince her to do more together. XD


I crocheted tight for years and decided it would be easier on my hands if I learned to relax them. I also changed to padded crochet hooks.

Great job on both!



Yeah, I’m going to be making a conscious effort to loosen up a bit. I started work on an afghan pattern a couple weeks ago and it’s coming out TINY! I’m currently waiting on some larger hooks to arrive, and I hope that with those and with some concentrated relaxing I can make it the proper size. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Your snow people turned out so cute! The fact that you and your mom are doing this together brought tears to my eyes…

My mom learned to crochet when we lived in Turkey, a country with no American TV and limited activities way back when…she crocheted a tablecloth and won First Prize in a crafting contest–$300! I still have the tablecoth!

She taught me when I was about 9…we spent many hours sitting around crocheting all my life…

She always encouraged me and loved my items when I made them on the old site…

Cherish your mutual activity and time together…hope you both make more!!


What a cute pair of snowfolk! And such a lovely story to go along with.

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How neat to do this as a craft along with your mom! They both turned out super cute.

I’ve heard that tight stitches are actually best for Amigurumi. But yeah, if you’re making an Afghan then you may want the stitches looser. Would it work to just crochet the Afghan on a larger hook size to make it more drapey?

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I’m definitely planning to try a larger hook size!

Aww, they’re even more adorable together! :heart: I love how they came to be.


I also crochet tightly, but that’s because I mostly make amigurumi and they need to be tight so that the stuffing doesn’t show through. When I work on anything else, I just go up at least a few hook sizes. I think crocheting amis tighter is better so you don’t have the white showing through, so I’d rather just adjust anything else.

These are absolutely adorable. I can only imagine a little army of them on a mantle somewhere living their best lives. :slight_smile:


I think it’s really neat that you decided to do it with your mom. Plus the snowman’s are really cute!!!


I love how you did these with your mom. They are so cute!!

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Both super cute, and a wonderful memory to have made with your Mom. :cherry_blossom:

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