Mounting Art Tiles on Wood

Several years ago my bestie, @kittykill, gave me these two beautiful art tiles (by Pratt & Larson).

I had mounted them in thrifted frames that were adequate, but not great. Then a few months ago the bear mounting came apart! :flushed: So, I pondered my next step and recently decided to mount them to wood for hanging.

So I grabbed a stick (to paraphrase @AntBee ), cut the ends off to size, and used heavy duty construction adhesive to attach the tiles. I don’t remember what this board used to be, but by using the ends that had drill holes, I saved the better part of the board for something that might show. It’s a nice board - I mean, look at that tight grain! :kissing: I waxed it with Briwax as a light finish.


I dug through the “hanging stuff on walls toolbox” and found some saw tooth hangers and added felt pads to protect the wall as well as keep it from tilting while hung.

I like how there is no distraction from the gorgeous tiles and how they sit boldly out from the wall.


Gorgeous tiles, and they look just like you!
Um, you know what I mean…

Nice!!! What a great fix.

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Ooh nice save! (I snort laughed at my mention :laughing:)


Those are beautiful tiles and you displayed them brilliantly.

Thanks, friends!

Love the 3D element of them, definitely worthy of showcasing

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