Mushroom and Artichoke Taco Lasagna

My family decided on lasagna for dinner. We already make it slightly different by using shredded melting mozzarella in lieu of ricotta cheese.

I like to make a healthier version with artichoke and mushrooms, substituting pesto for sauce for flavor. Today, I wanted to try a taco lasagna!

  1. I mixed chopped canned artichoke and mushroom slices today, then added La Tortilla Factory Classic Taco sauce into it.

  2. I placed a lasagna noodle cut in half into a 9"x9" baking pan. I layered it with refried black beans and a smallish scoop of the artichoke mixture.

  3. I added another halved lasagna noodle and the rest of the artichoke mixture. I topped it with a sprinkling of the shredded melting mozzarella then baked it at 375 degrees for 30 min.

It was delicious! It’s a healthier and lighter take on lasagna!


This sounds interesting and good! I may have to give it a try.

Mmmmm…I love mushrooms. Will definitely have to give something like this a try! Thanks for sharing.

This sounds tasty!

That sounds really inventive and a neat way to reimagine the traditional lasagna! Fantastic!