My Second ATCoins - InspiroTin Silliness

I joined the ATCoin Swap and got to make my first ever ATCoins! We could have 1-3 partners and were to make a set of 3 for each. I had two partners and these were the second to arrive. EEP!


We gave a list of 10 themes that we love and on her list this partner had Inspirobot quotes, recycled/repurposed materials, snark. She likes rainbow palette, charcoal grey, too!

After lots of clicking on the Inspirobot button I found several I liked and thought were short enough to fit on a 2.5" circle. Then I dug through my stash of saved aluminum beverage cans and “matched” them up with 3 of the quotations. The aluminum was cut with a Sizzix Bigz die and punched with letter punches. I glued them to the top layer of my coins, then punched a hole and used a decorative brad to secure them just a bit more. After that I glued the front to the rest of the layered coin.

It was difficult to get the embossed words photographed well, so I added text to the pics.

It was pretty fun matching up the AI sayings with the images on the cans to make them even more ridiculous and then coming up with titles for each one.

I successfully got each letter individually punched until the very last one! D’oh! The “U” in “YOU” is sideways! I decided that I think it improved the whole vibe of this set, so let it ride.

I forgot to photograph the edges which have layers of cardstock in rainbow-y colors.

The 2.5" circles were cut with my Cricute Explore.



Love them! Great paper and quote selections. (I’m pretty sure I never come away from InspiroBot with fewer than five screenshots, so the struggle is real.)

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Whew! I had a lot of fun with the quotations for you!

I love the details in these! They turned out great!

So fun & unique!

These kick butt!

These are utterly fantastic!

Awwww, thanks friends!