My Seed Bead Journey

I got a bead loom at the (sick-as-hell!!) Thrift store down the block and finally ended up using it. I did originally have a bunch of seed beads from some attempts in the past (without the loom) and so I started with what I had available, realizing after my first attempt that if you want to make nice bracelets you need good quality uniform beads. You also need to put effort into making a good pattern.

With the one with beetles the colors are too close for you to really see the beetles when wearing it. I also wasn’t happy with the clasp. Third, I liked the clasp a little better. Also, the button is vintage!

My fourth attempt:

I like this a lot better! Turned out nice I think. Also a vintage thrifted button clasp.

Then I moved on to brickstitch instead of the loom:

I’m not sure how but I kept messing up the lengths on the fringe? Maybe the beads I got are less uniform than I thought.

I recently decided to make my own pattern for a kind of strange project. I do a lot of rockhounding. That is to say, I search for and collect semiprecious rocks. Minnesota has some of the oldest and prettiest agates in the world: The Lake Superior Agate. Example:

Those are some of our agates.
We have tons of lakes and wildlife. My parents have a cabin up north so I wanted to make my mom a necklace representative of northern Minnesota: agates, lakes, wildlife, and unpolluted night skies.
The base is a vial filled with a bunch of mini Lake Superior agates (and a few thomsonite I found up there) and baby oil so you can see all the pretty lines and colors and play with it.

I think it turned out pretty cool. It’s my own design. I put a loon on it! Loons are Minnesota’s state bird and it’s lovely listening to them at night while watching the aurora borealis and stars.

Tell me what you think about this necklace! I’m pretty proud of it but I’m not sure if she’ll want to wear it. At the very least she could repurpose it as a Christmas tree ornament.


Very cool! I love rocks, and was disappointed we couldn’t spend more time looking for agates on my one visit to Lake Superior. All I got were postcards.

Oooh, and the eye bracelet came out great!

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Wow, I am obsessed with these. :flushed:

How long did the necklace for your mom take you to make? It’s so impressive! My mom would probably hang it in her kitchen window, so she can admire it daily. :heart_eyes:

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You definitely need to go looking next time you’re in Minnesota! You can look throughout most of Minnesota for them. Not at the very north really but you basically follow the path of the ancient glacier that moved south there. I live in Minneapolis and I still find agates all over the place and that’s 4 hours away from Superior.


Thank you!! I had to remake it several times as I was figuring out how best to make it. I’m super unsure of how long it took in terms of hours but around a month from drawing it to the finished piece, I think.

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Darn, we spent 6 months in southern minnesota, but may never get there again.


Oh no! That stinks that you never got to rock hound here! Most people don’t know that you can get them down here! I found one at the dog park today. And 3 at the dog park yesterday. :rofl: We really gotta get a rock tumbler for all our rocks.
Southern Minnesota also used to be an ancient Devonian sea so there are also lots of fun little fossils! Still haven’t found a trillobite though which is my DREAM! Let me know if you want some belated souvenirs! I have tons and I can send a few in a bubble mailer or something. :grinning:


You’re sweet, thanks! But we are moving soon, trying not to accumulate.

We did go fossil hunting a couple of places in Rochester. Didnt find any fossils, but did find a tiny stone slipper. Im not sure if its natural or human carved. I wonder where it is now…


Lol I’m just so enthusiastic about rocks that I can’t help but want to share. I hope your next place has some good rocks!

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Also what is a stone slipper?

Wow, your beading is fabulous! I love your 3rd bracelet so much. And that necklace is amazing!

I’d never heard of that type of agate, but it is beautiful. I may have to look at my dad’s rock collection to see if he had included any of that (he was a geologist and his collection has many different types of rock from all over the US).

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A rock that looks like a little shoe. Even hollow for a foot.

Found it in a stream. Dont know just what it is.



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Thank you!

Super cool! I really love the patterning in your 3rd one and you can really see the level of detail progression in your work. I have a small tapestry loom that I got for beading but haven’t tried it yet. I think you’ve inspired me to finally give it a try this winter.

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I love them all! Great find on the bead loom and that necklace?!? Let me pick my jaw up off the floor!!!

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These are all awesome and amazing!! Love the moth earrings and the loon!!

And now I want to visit Minnesota!

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WOWZERS! You’ve taken to this medium like a duck to water! Your progress on bracelets is super impressive. :astonished: And you’ve really got knack for designing - that loon on the neckace… COOL!

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I love these. The 4th one is my favorite. I love all your agates as well. Great job!

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Ooh, they are all wonderful! The beatles are subtle but that’s still cool. My fave are the diamonds.
But that pendant for your mom? Super gorgeous & personal. Love the loon :wink:

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