My Warrior Sheild

I participate in a group that makes group quilts for a raffle to support the purchase of womyn’s land. It’s the site of the former Michigan Womyn’s Music Fest. This quilt will be made up of women warrior sheilds and this is mine. I’ll be sending it off tomorrow.

A red winged black bird, crafty tools and a fern (the land has lovely fern meadows) and spirals for life.


Wow! Love all the symbology. The rising bird is fantastic, and I love how the needle-and-thread thread extends off the shield. Cool!

Oh this is SO COOL! The sparkle on the needle tip is pure magic, wow!
Can I make one for them too? My mama is a musician, she’s played that fest. She recently moved to FL but grew up in Windsor & lived in Livonia for many years.

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Absolutely STUNNING! :heart:

Who’s your mama? :smiley_cat: We loved MichFest, all the women and all the music. We have been back for smaller camping events. It’s still magical. We will be there in August for Singing on The Land.


Mama, Sister , Dad, Young dad, this one’s a hoot!

My mom would love your project, I’m going to send her a link. I learned to sew from her mom, also a musician!

Very pretty!

Beautiful and powerful.

Your post inspired me to learn more about womynlands, and discovered there is one not far from me.

Yes, they are tucked in everywhere. Maybe some day I will retire to one with a craft store within a reasonable drive.

Gorgeous! You can feel the mighty vibe off it. If you ever can share images of the finished quilt, I would love to see all the shield.

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Powerful! I love every stitch.

This is fantastic. I love it. You should make another for yourself and use it as a pillow.

@gozer, It’s a bit bumpy! But I’m a warrior, I can take it. :ninja:

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:herb: Oh my giggles! Your lovely craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! Congratulations! :tulip:

Thank you!

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I just keep coming back and looking at your shield. You truly did an amazing job in this. It’s a work of art!

Thank you, it was a work of love.


It shows!

So beautiful!!