Naalbound Hat - F&T 2020 Q4 Contest Entry

I got a naalbinding book at the beginning of lockdown. Thus began my adventures into naalbinding. After messing with it for a few months, I decided my first big project would be a hat.

(I don’t have a head form so please enjoy the pumpkin model :relaxed:)

The book had a few sets of instructions for making a hat, but this book also really encourages just winging it. So that’s what I decided to do :sweat_smile: It basically said that a hat is just making bigger and bigger circles until it fits on your head, if it starts looking all wavy you’ve increased too quickly and if it starts looking like a plate instead of curving up you haven’t increased enough. The hat ended up a little too big but that’s not really a big deal.

I tried several different threads/yarn for the kinda Viking inspired brim embroidery. I ended up making some yarn into cordage to make it thicker/more textured.

Now, you might be thinking, this is a very non-Viking looking hat. There’s good reason for this, this is the hat with my winter coat.


Very cute!

I love it!

great job!

I love it when the teaching focuses on mastering technique instead of just following a pattern.

Looks great with your coat! It’s always fun to learn a new technique. Do you have plans to make some other items using naalbinding?

Super cool! I’ve enjoyed reading about this technique on a couple historical costumers’ websites, but still haven’t tried it out. Your hat came out wonderfully; it totally matches your coat! :grin: