Nancy Drew Clock

I made this for @kittykill in the Winter Book Swap. She’s a fan of Nancy Drew, and I happened to have an extra copy of The Secret of the Old Clock, which was just begging to be turned into a book clock!

I carved out the back cover and pages to nest the clock works into the back. Then, I used a drill to create the holes for the clock works post and the noon, half, and quarter hour marks. I used plastic safety eyes to mark them.


Oh, that’s fabulous! I love it!

Thank you! I have one that I made for myself several years ago, but I used a copy of The Time Machine by HG Wells :slight_smile:


I do love that you use books that reference clocks and time, to make your clocks. So clever! You should post a picture of your clock, too; I’d love to see it. You could post it here in this thread or else make a new topic for it.

Did you post it on Craftster, back in the day? I feel like maybe I saw it there.

I love my clock! I love Nancy Drew so this is perfect for me. Thank you!!!


I did post it back on the old site, quite some time ago! But, here it is again!

The clock face is a little hard to see on it because of the colors of the book cover, but I haven’t decided what I want to do to fix it, if at all.


Love it! I don’t think you need to do anything to it. If you want to make it easier to see the time at a glance, you could make the 4 dots red or something. But honestly, I like it just the way it is! Thanks for posting it here.

These are super cool! I’d never think to turn a book into a clock but it works!

Thank you! The Time Machine clock is a little easier to read in person and when it’s not too far away, so I think I might leave it.

And, I’ve always loved using books for other things, even though I almost hate to sacrifice a good book! It always tickles me when I see a book with a secret compartment used in a TV show or movie!

Cool clock.
Just last week, I read the first ND book. It was like visiting with a childhood friend you haven’t seen since school.

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I should probably go back and read them all again! I know there have been new ones since I read them as a kid :slight_smile:

Has anyone seen the new ND TV series? Doesn’t really resemble the books… :laughing:

I haven’t, but I loved the movie that came out several years ago!

This clock is really great! I’m interested to see what the back of either of them look like :slight_smile:

I’ve never read Nancy Drew, but I think it would definitely have been right up my alley! Kind of sorry I missed out :see_no_evil:
But that doesn’t mean I can’t read them now, and then pass them on to my niece :slight_smile: or perhaps put them in my classroom? Would they be appropriate for good readers in Grade 2?

Here’s the back! I could have kept the back cover intact, but I figured I could use the hanging notch on the clockworks and not have to come up with another way to hang it.

And, I can’t remember when I started reading Nancy Drew books, but it was definitely in elementary school. I was an advanced reader, so I may have been reading them in Grade 2.


They feel like a 3rd or 4th grade thing to me, but I really don’t remember…

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This is so great! I love how the title goes with being a clock!

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I just love this!

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Ahhhh so clever!

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Congratulations, your Nancy Drew clock is a featured project for this week!

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