National Parks Hats - Redwood, Grand Canyon

I know it must seem odd to knit when the temperature outside is hot, but inside, with air conditioning, I have to wear a sweater so knitting is still something I enjoy! I can do it while binging on tv shows and listening to podcasts.

I am doing the National Parks Hats from patterns I purchased on Ravelry. I already posted my Glacier National Parks Hat. [Glacier, a tribute to our National Parks]

This one is inspired by the RedWood National Park. One of the most incredible parks I ever visited. The yarn is Malbrigo, colorway Kris. I loved using the RT, right twist, to create the little cables. Fast and easy. I am going to use it for some socks down the road.

The second hat is inspired by the Grand Canyon National Park. The gradient is done by using double of the main yarn and then transition to one main and one solid, and finally, two of the solid. I added the pompom to use up the rest of the yarn.

I will be working on the Grand Teuton and Olympic National Parks next to get caught up in this 12 months of hat making!


These are beautiful!

Such a fun project! The redwood one is so striking!

thanks guys!

I had so many plans to travel when I retired…this week is especially sad for me since I was going out to Oregon to see kittykill, alteredmommy and MistressT… :cry:

Trying to keep busy and keep positive…knitting helps!


Your knitting is so lovely and even. I love the very different designs on the two hats and how the colors accentuate them!

I’m sorry you couldn’t make your trip to Oregon.


I love the Grand Canyons hat! In the colorway you chose and with the pompom it looks like a more sophisticated version of Jayne’s cunning hat.

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These are gorgeous!

I love both of these! The slouch and the colors in Redwood and the gradient and pom pom (great addition) in Grand Canyon. Beautiful, even if I can’t imaging wearing them right now. Ha!

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These are beautiful! I love the way the gradient in the Grand Canyon hat mimics the gradients in the rock. Such a clever way to get the color changes!

I can’t wait to see all of your hats together!

I LOVE THIS PROJECT! What a cool way to represent some of our wonderful National Parks.

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How neat! Who would have thought of knitting hats to represent our national parks? Clever and fun!