Glacier, a tribute to our National Parks

I adore the knitting designs of Kristin Ashbaugh Helmreich . This year, she is doing a series of patterns based on inspiration from our National Parks. Here is a link if anyone is interested: National Parks Hats

Part of the money for the patterns will be donated to the National Park Service. This is the second hat from the collection and is called “Glacier”. The first one was “Grand Canyon”, but I did not have suitable yarn for it yet and will make it later.

I am trying to work from stash, so I picked out a yarn with blues,white and greys to get the “feel” of glaciers. The pattern is fairly simple but has lots of texture.

I made a more slouchy style rather than the beanie…she provides instructions for both.

I love how the decreases form a really nice star.

I still have to block it to show off the stitches, but it is going to be a nice everyday hat.

I really enjoyed making it…took about a day total. Now I can’t wait to get my yarn for the next one.


Great hat!
Interesting pattern and lovely colors.

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What an interesting texture! I love the idea of patterns inspired by our national parks.

How cool to be supporting the parks in this way! I love the pattern and the colors you chose for it.

Ooh, the decrease star is such an interesting touch!

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How neat! They both really capture the parks.

That’s super cool! The star is clever and your colors are a great choice. Plus it’s always nifty to see one of my “local” National Parks represented.

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I am trying to stick to her color schemes, which is why I did not start with the Grand Canyon…having seen it, I wanted to use the rusts and oranges that she did…

I love this hat!!

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