Nerd Games - Discussion Thread for 2020 Games

I am beyond thrilled I won the totoro biscornu!!! :purple_heart:


Congratulations to all of the winners! There were so many fantastic prizes donated! And, thanks @roler for running the raffle, thanks @sweets4ever for drawing the name and providing the special secret prize (can’t wait to see what you get @bluebird!), and, thanks @storerboughtcreation for providing the donor prize!


Yay!!! What fun, congrats to all the winners and wow! Thank you for the surprise prize! I’ll get in contact with you right after I post this. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Congratulations to all the winners and donors!


Woohoo, gellis! These might be my firsts – definitely the first from gg. Thanks to all the donors, and to roler for organizing.

Speaking of (being) jelly, extra congrats to bluebird on the LC swag!



(You guys! Our team mascot is getting so big!)

So far this season, we have 11 active players! A total of 41 projects have been posted, including 1 big time project and 4 research projects!

Here is where each team stands currently:

Team Players Projects Points Average
Running with Scissors 4 13 485 121
Knotty by Nature 2 8 460 230
Paletteable Art 2 17 760 380
Bits and Bobs 3 3 100 33

Battle Royale Results:

July # Results
Cultivated Borders 5 WINNER!
Wild Native Plantings 4
August # Results
September # Results

You can find your individual tracking sheet and the team roster here

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me! Craft on, Nerds! :nerd_face:


New Prompts Posted! Check out Prompt Palace for more details (and sorry - but no also not sorry - if the theme has been done before, it’s a favorite of mine…)

  • August Battle - Sharks vs Orcas

  • Hammerhead Shark - Craft something that requires the use of tools, or is odd looking but functional

  • Great White Shark - Craft something that is physically large, or intimidating, or just all around “great”

  • Nurse Shark - Craft something that is useful when sick, or for first aid, or is being given to someone else

  • Bull Shark - Craft something that is useful in multiple places (since Bull Sharks can swim in salt and fresh water!)

  • Tiger Shark - Craft something with stripes, or something that requires strength or tenacity to finish


Fantastic theme! I don’t remember this one being done before :slight_smile: But, if it was, I definitely don’t mind :laughing:

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I never participated in Nerd Games on Craftster and it’s been fun joining in here on Lettuce.
I have a couple of questions though.

  • Do we do a raffle each season? If so I have something to donate but wasn’t sure if I missed seeing any msgs about it.
  • also, with the recent round of swaps that kicked off I have a lot of swap crafting going on. How do we handle posting those. I saw a couple people blur out the image and I think that’s good in the nerd games thread esp, if your partner doesn’t participate. but I don’t know that I’d want to post a project thread before they received. If I make items in August and September but they aren’t received until Oct, do they just not count for Nerd games?

We don’t do a raffle every season. Usually just once a year. The raffle didn’t seem too popular this past round. If people are interested, we can do a Nerd Games swap next season or winter season.

As for swap posts, how about this… post your project (blurred out if you need to), with a “coming soon” in the project link. You won’t get the bonus points just yet… if, before the end of the season, you do post in the community, update your links and send me a message that you did so.

If the end of the season comes and you haven’t been able to make a community post yet, on the LAST DAY of the season, send me a message stating that you are waiting for the recipient to receive their swap item before you post, with a promise that you will update when you can. I will give you the points then, provided you contact me before the season closes.

Does that sound good to everyone?


Could we maybe also have the option of posting swap items during the season they’re received, if a season ends before one is received? It wouldn’t have been made in that season, but if we didn’t claim it for the previous season, it’s not like we’re grabbing double points or anything.


I enjoy the raffle a lot, it’s one of my favorite parts of the games. :slight_smile: Both the raffle part and trying to think of something to offer people might like. :slight_smile:


I like this option. As long as we aren’t claiming it twice I’m cool with it. I think it would just be less hassle to do it all at once instead of having to come back and keep track of end dates. Life gets a little hectic for me sometimes. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think that’s fair, and it seems others do, too. So if you want to save it for the next season, you can do so. I will add that to the rules later when I’m on my computer :blush:


Whew, cause honestly, that’s the way I have been doing it all along. :sweat_smile:


Does anyone know whether linking to a project post where I’ve tagged another user will cause that user to get a notification? I have a bunch of prompts to complete from a recent post but don’t want the tag-ee there to get spammed just so I can get the bonus points…

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Just linking it shouldn’t notify them. I think you’re safe.

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SBC has been nagging me again to post. I’m so terrible at remembering to do that :sweat_smile:


LOL! I know what you mean. I’ve had a few projects done for at least a week that I need to post. It’s on my list for today :slight_smile: One project is in the car, and it’s currently pouring. I’ll go out when there’s a break in the rain.


New Prompts are up!

September Battle - Hand vs Machine

September Theme - Sewing Month!

  • Bobbin Thread - Craft something that’s useful “under the table” or “unseen”, or something that is wound, or made with thread
  • Sewing Needle - Craft something that is made of metal, is sharp, or is long and thin
  • Seam Ripper - Craft a project that took more than one try, or was a complete and utter failure (it’s fine to post an unfinished project here that you’ve given up on, as long as you sunk enough time into it already!)
  • Tailor’s Chalk - Craft something that required drafting, sketching, or other type of physical pre-planning. Or something with chalk!
  • Iron - Craft something that requires meticulous ironing, flattening, heat, or is heavy.