Nerd Games Discussion Thread

I’ll also have a lot more to post after Christmas :slight_smile:


Yes, after the 12 Days swap gifts are opened I’ll have some things. I haven’t had much crafting time lately, either.

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I have some items finished, but since many of them are gifts, I’m going to wait a bit to post them.

@roler, I finished my first gnome! I had to watch the video to see how she crocheted in the plastic ring, but it was pretty easy overall! I worked on it over a couple of nights. I’ll definitely be able to get 3 finished!


I just posted a bunch of projects! I had a bit of a crafty burst after Thanksgiving (I took a class that gave me some momentum). I’m at my mom’s in FL right now, and we usually do a craft project or two. We have a couple of them planned, and we should get at least one of them done, if not both.

The good thing is that I have my craft mojo back, so I should be able to get more projects finished in the next round!


I was terrible last season, I’m sorry for letting my team down! We’ll see what I manage this year (one more class this spring!). New prompts are posted!!!

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Tracking Update

This season we had 9 active players! A total of 183 projects were posted.

Here is where each team stands for the season:

Team Players Projects Points Average
Don’t Stop Beleafing 4 91 3050 762
So Corn-fused 2 40 1590 795
Gourd of the Rings 3 52 1860 620

Congratulations Team So Corn-fused on your win!

Battle Royale Results:

October # Crafted Results
Falling Leaves 5 WINNER!
Pine Needles 0
November # Crafted Results
Sword 2
December # Crafted Results
Sleigh Bells 4 WINNER!
Slay Belles 1

You can find your individual tracking sheet and the team roster here .

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me! Craft on, Nerds!


A few things…

Discussion thread

I’m not going to create a new discussion thread for the Nerd Games. There have been so few of us crafting lately, I think we will it will be just fine to keep everything contained within the season thread. If anyone feels differently, let me know. I have no objections to creating a discussion thread for the new year if anyone wants it.


Last year we held a raffle in the spring season, which runs from April to June. Is anyone interested in doing a raffle again this year?

  • Yes
  • No
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I’d like to also propose the same raffle stipulation as last year.

If 10 prizes are committed as quickly as last year, we can hold the raffle in the spring season. If not, we can hold it during the summer season. If the summer season works better for you, let me know and we can move it to summer (July - September) when enough prizes are donated. I can donate two prizes again. I’m not sure what yet.


This season we are doing a swap. @gozer was kind enough to host the swap for us. Anyone that wants to join is welcome. You only need to post one project to the Games and you’re eligible to participate. :gift:

Special Prize

@LovelyMiss is offering a prize to people that meet specific criteria during the Winter Season. She will update her post soon with the rules. Thank you for offering this, LovelyMiss! :hearts:

I hope 2022 is kind to us all. Happy New Year! :partying_face:


If I can get myself less frazzled with my time again, I hope to be more active.


Is there a new thread for 2022? I didnt see it…

Would you prefer to have a discussion thread? I really don’t mind making one if you think it’s better to have for updates and conversations. We can also just do it on the main thread. Let me know! :blush:

I’m fine with keeping the same discussion thread, but it might make sense to take 2021 out of the title just to avoid confusion! :slight_smile:

And woohoo, go So Corn-fused!! XD

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To piggyback on this, I wonder whether “CLOSED” might be confusing to people if this is the ongoing discussion thread.

The logic for continuing this thread makes sense to me, but I don’t have a strong preference about doing that/starting a new one.


Last year we started a new thread and said we’d make a new one every year, but it gets so few comments we discussed also not continuing using/creating a new thread. I can edit the title of this one and make a new graphic to keep it generic like we used to on Cster.

Our reasoning for creating a new thread every year was so that new people wouldn’t feel overwhelmed as time went on and not want to jump into the conversation. I remember finding it intimidating when I joined Cster years ago.

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Ok. I updated the title of the thread to take out the year and closed info. And I updated the graphic and description to take 2021 out of that, too.

This will be the generic thread for the Nerd Games. If it ever starts to get too long and people want a new thread started, we can do that.

Craft on, Nerds! :nerd_face:


Thanks. The closed threw me!


Maybe you can put a link on the first post to show where 2022 starts for any new people?
I think one of the things I miss is that we used to talk so much in the thread. Looking over this thread, it is obvious we don’t do that as much here. So, I will start. I saw that @LovelyMiss said she had a goal of working with Copics more this year. Me too! I have really gotten out of the habit of drawing and I can tell. It’s not as easy as it once was. The flow is skipping. I have three major crafting goals this year. 1) Draw a picture of Princess Leia that I am happy with. 2) Make a quilt. 3) Make myself a new purse. It’s about time. Mine is getting worn out.
What goals do you guys have?


I bought myself some tube watercolor for Christmas and can’t share yet, but have made a few things already and love how they are turning out.

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Oh! That reminds me. 4) I also want to do some watercolor too. I bought a set for myself over the holidays.

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I don’t really have specific crafting goals this year. I do want to make a junk journal – the accordion-style kind seems attainable.


My goal for this year is that I want to start checking off some of my WIPs, and some of the BIBHUIY (Bought It But Haven’t Used It Yet) projects.
-Bundled with this goal is to organize those projects into a filing system (I have a roll-a-dex just waiting for this).
–Wrapped into this goal is really getting my craft room set up and organized.
—Tucked into that goal is gathering all of the craft supplies from all over the house and putting them in the craft room where they belong.
----And, finally, buried within that goal is the need to purge some supplies- things I won’t use, or things that are just no longer any good (dried up markers, ink pads, etc.).