Nerd Games Discussion Thread

Idk why that has me giggling as much as I am, but yet here I am :rofl:


Love the new prompts! I’ll have to match them to some projects tomorrow :smiley:


New prompts have been posted, sorry about the lateness and lazy prompts (I’m leaving a lot of it up to your imagination this month), I have a lot going on and can’t really devote my brain power to it right now… Hopefully I’ll be back to form next month!


I was too scattered and frantic in my life to do the Spring version, but I think I have gotten myself together enough to enjoy the Summer Games. I am excited to jump back into this. I am planning on doing a craft show for charity this Fall and the Games will be great incentive to get stuff done and keep me on track. :green_heart: :purple_heart: :green_heart: :purple_heart: :heart_eyes_cat:


What are the nerd games? And where can I learn more about it/find prompts? Thank you!


It will start anew on July 1st, but here is a link to last seasons so you can see the layout.
They usually change up the Summer Games a bit though.


The Nerd Games are a fun way to stay motivated to craft. In addition to reading the intro post and taking a look at the prompts, you might also find this read fun.

I do hope you join us! Feel free to jump in now or wait until the next season starting on the first of July! :hearts:


Than you so much; I’ll have a read!

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Thank you!


And if you have any questions, just ask them here, and someone will help you. It may look a little confusing to start, but it isn’t. It’s easy to get the hang of.

Already loving the feel of the Summer Games, and all I Can see are the new Team names. LOL! Thank you fo doing this!


Thank you @gozer !
I’ve finally read through the whole rules, etc. and the Nerd Games sound like so much fun!

I also looked at people’s projects, and I just love seeing all the creativity here. It’s so wonderful how encouraging people are as well :heart:

I do think I’ll join for the summer :slight_smile:


Hey everyone! Just a reminder to do your Crafty Scavenger Hunt! The items do not need to have been made this season! You only need to have submitted at least one project in the Spring to play!


I’ll try to get the tracking done tonight, but it might not be until tomorrow. We’re under a severe thunderstorm warning and the weather knocked out our internet. It’s pretty impressive out there.


Be safe! :slight_smile:

I’m really enjoying the detective theme this season! I’m going to be team Sherlock when I get my first item completed and looking forward to trying to figure out the clues. :female_detective: I’m thinking and planning out how to get a bingo line too! :thinking: Thanks to all of you for making these games fun and keeping them going! :slight_smile:


Ack! Moving house sadly derailed June for me. :sob:

I had so many plans…
I didn’t even get my scavenger hunt done! I think I might have finished all the requirements for the wordy pin but my nerd games notebook is still AWOL in a box somewhere. So I can’t look it up and be certain.

But on the upside, I’m out of state on a much-needed vacation (my first paid vacation in the history of ever)! :grin:



This season we had 10 active players! A total of 83 projects were posted.

Here is where each team stands:

Team Players Projects Points Average
Running with Scissors 3 33 1110 370
Knotty by Nature 3 24 880 293
Bits and Bobs 4 26 720 180

Congratulations to team Running With Scissors on your win!

And the monthly battle results are in!

April # Crafted Results
Foolish 4 WINNER!
Serious 3
May # Crafted Results
Artificial Turf 2 TIE!
Natural Grass 2 TIE!
June # Crafted Results
Solo 1
Teams 4 WINNER!

You can find your individual tracking sheet and the team roster here

Thank you so much @Smeddley for giving us fun monthly prompts to craft, and thank you to @LovelyMiss for the amazing opportunities to win prizes

Head on over to the Summer Games for more nerdy fun!


Hey y’all! I heard that Spring season got away from a lot of us. I have decided to add the pin events from last season into this season as well. That brings the total pins up for grabs this Summer to 11! You can combine any requirement progress you made in Spring to what you do this Summer to complete the Old School Pin Events.


I have a question about the pin challenge. Can one item count for 3 different challenges? For example, if I made something… lets say one of those Jayne hats from Firefly as a gift for someone, could I use that one item to complete these three prompts?


1.) Submit a project based on a piece of media. (:white_check_mark: - fan hat from the show Firefly)


1.) Submit at least three projects this season that are based on/inspired by your or others’ fandoms.
(:white_check_mark: - 2 other fandom items plus the hat from Firefly)


1.) Complete a random act of craftiness (whatever that means to you) and submit it as a project for the current Nerd Games season. (:white_check_mark: - made it as a gift for someone)

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Absolutely! Use a project for as many things as you can! Same goes for BINGO! I actually try on purpose to write some event items so they’ll pretty easily overlap.


Awesome! Thank you. Last season i was a mess. Lol