Nerd Games Discussion Thread

The entry period for the Raffle Shop will be open until Monday, October 2!

Spend the points you’ve earned this season to “buy” raffle entries! There are 24 prizes up for grabs, so make sure to play - there’s a high chance you’ll win something!

Entry form to PM me is at the bottom of the post, under the gallery of prizes.


Where does it tell us how many points we have?

Great question! Thanks for the reminder - I meant to include that info!

Click on your spreadsheet link and it says in the top left corner. Depending on when you submitted your final projects for the season, it may not be fully updated yet. (You can add in any points on the entry form that you know you’ll receive.)

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For anyone getting a junk journal kit (or anyone who just wants a tutorial), I made a huge post here about how you might put your books together.


Well, I got a few things posted, but not as many as I had on my list (16!). It felt good to actually make things again! So, I didn’t want to stress myself out by trying to do all of the things in one day. I have to spend tomorrow cleaning, but I’m hoping to start carving out some time each night to work on projects, so hopefully I’ll be around more in the coming months! I have so many long overdue projects to finish. My goal is to not buy anything for the projects for the Fall Games. My overall goal is to not buy anything for the month of October (besides food and essentials), but if you saw the state of my craft room, you’d agree that I shouldn’t need to buy more craft supplies!



This season we had 14 active players! A total of 232 projects were posted.

Here is where each team stands:

Team Players Projects Points Average
Sherlock Holmes 5 72 2000 400
Nancy Drew 3 52 2020 673
Miss Marple 3 49 1480 493
Columbo 4 63 1700 425

Congratulations Team Nancy Drew on your win this season!

Battle Royale Results:

July # Crafted Results
Original 5
Reproduction 6 WINNER!
August # Crafted Results
Vacuum 5 TIE!
Broom 5 TIE!
September # Crafted Results
Digital 2
Physical 7 WINNER!

You can find your individual tracking sheet and the team roster here.

I thought I would also include everyone’s points here so they’re easy to find if you want to enter the raffle. Just be sure you don’t go over your point limit. If you have any questions about the raffle, please direct your questions to @LovelyMiss as she was awesome enough to create and stock the raffle for us.

Player Points
AudiobookLover 90
bluebird 490
Bunny1kenobi 830
craftADDchick 260
ezrib 410
gozer 840
jillybeans 250
LindyBlues 40
LovelyMiss 880
megwell 910
QueenHobo 390
roler 380
SewCraftt 160
Smeddley 180
storerboughtcreation 1090

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me! Craft on, Nerds! :nerd_face:

The fun continues in the Fall 2023 Nerd Games! We hope to see you there!


Hey y’all! There are some folks who made Anniversary posts and some who may have qualified for the Be Kind or other pin events. I’m going to be ordering pins in a couple of hours, so see if you qualify for any and send in your form NOW if you’d like to claim them. If I don’t get your request by Noon (central) today, I won’t be able to send the pins, even if you earned them!


I’m just tagging folks in case anyone missed it earlier (tagging doesn’t mean I know you qualify, it’s just an invitation to check! :grin:).

@roler @LindyBlues @QueenHobo @jillybeans @AudiobookLover @ezrib



Is there a chance to get the pins at a later date? I’d like to claim mine all at once to help cut mailing costs for you, since I’m in Canada. I haven’t earned all of the pins I’d like to earn yet :slight_smile:


Hey @LindyBlues! That’s so thoughtful! The pins are specific to the seasons and only available to earn for a certain period of time. There are different ones available each round - they don’t carry over. Send in your claim for the ones you earned for summer so I can make sure I have enough of them. If you want to defer shipping, I’d be happy to hold them for you until a later season!


That works for me! I’ll claim them now; please hold on to them until the end of the winter season (I’d rather get a bunch of them at once anyway :slight_smile: )

Form sent!

Thank you for organizing all of this!


Sorry about the delay, got wrapped up in football today (I’m running work’s football pool, so a lot of the games mean something now!). But October prompts are now posted!


I’m excited about the new prompts! I just filled out my template for October, plus the first advent prompt. I was able to take a few of the not done items from last season and move them to October. I keep a running list of projects that I want/need to do (currently over 120 items on the list), and I look there first to find things for the prompts. I also track what I’ve posted. It’s even color coded! Looking at it, you’d think I was really organized :laughing: I’ve only posted 17 projects this year! So, I’m hoping to post at least that much this season.

I realized that I never set up my Summer Games tracker- I was traveling from June 30th-July 16th, and when I got back, I was wiped out from 2 VERY full weeks in Iceland (with a couple of days in Greenland). And then, I never got back on track.

I’ve decided that I am no longer going to take any papers home to grade. They just sit in a pile, making me feel guilty because I’m not working on them, and then I can’t allow myself to do something I want to do because I feel guilty. So, if I don’t bring them home (I’ll stay late at least once a week), it frees up my evenings and weekends a bit more. Hopefully, once the cold, dark days set in, I can keep it up! Craft time is going to be my motivator!


I get this too – usually with swap vs. other craft projects and with that book I have languishing in progress vs. the other book I want to be reading.


I created a new FAQ page and linked it in the Nerd Games introduction of the Fall season. It will be included in the intro to every new season so that anyone with questions can hopefully find the answers they need.

Everyone, but especially you new members that aren’t so familiar with our zany ways, if you wouldn’t mind checking it out and letting me know if you think I’m missing any information or if there’s more I should add to the FAQ, I’d really appreciate it. :blush:


This is a great idea! I think it’s super thorough without being overwhelming, although I may not be the right judge for that. I just have a few questions.

Do I understand this correctly that Zaps must be capped at 29 minutes? That is, if I run out of 30-minute slots, I can’t downgrade a regular project to a Zap and just take fewer points? I don’t know that that’s ever happened, but people do sometimes downgrade Big Times to regular projects when they run out of slots for them, so that may be worth clarifying.

I guess this is mostly me asking “have I been formatting these wrong the whole time [XYZ (Month)]?” :laughing: :grimacing: If there’s flexibility here as long as we get all the parts in, it may be worth clarifying that this is an example vs. theee way.

Here I think it may be helpful to add that you can post a photo of multiple items you’re using for more than one prompt and then refer to it in later headers instead of reposting it. For example, you can post a photo of 2 ATCs when you claim the first one and then just say something like “righthand card in previous photo” in the second header.

Finally, I just want to say thank you for the info on finishing WIPs. I did not know you could count historical activity toward the project time, so that’s really helpful.


No, you can post larger projects there. I will reword that.

I will also reword this. It’s my preferred way of people posting because it’s how I also enter it in the tracking spreadsheet, but it’s not too big of a deal as long as the month and which prompt are included.

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Ok. I think I got your points edited, as well as an issue with the prompts @roler pointed at. Please take a quick glance again and let me know if that makes more sense!


Looks great! I think this is going to be a super helpful resource.


Summer Nerd Games Raffle Shop Winners
The anniversary raffle is complete! Thanks to everyone who played along in the Summer Nerd Games and entered the drawings!

Here is the prize list, organized by username. Winners were drawn using a random number generator. Prizes that did not receive entries were not awarded and are not listed.

bluebird @bluebird
Random Fabric Scrap Pack
Junk Journal Kit

Bunny1kenobi @Bunny1kenobi
5 Mini Embroidery Hoops
Food Minis
Washi Tape Pack 2

craftADDchick @craftADDchick (please PM me your address!)
Flower Transparencies
Cartoon Fabric Scrap Pack

megwell @megwell
Mini Dictionary Books
Set of 24 Blick Alcohol Markers

QueenHobo @QueenHobo
Good Omens Pin
Set of 3 Red Heart Super Saver Oatmeal Yarn

Smeddley @Smeddley
Washi Tape Pack 1
Sci-Fi Fabric Scrap Pack

storerboughtcreation @storerboughtcreation
Futurama Sticker
Martha Stewart Napkin Embroidery Kit (leaf)
Set of 2 Maratha Stewart Napkin Embroidery Kits (flowers)
Licensed Fabric Scrap Pack

Congratulations, everyone! Prizes will be shipping within the next week or so. Anything you claimed or won this season will be shipped together.


Thank you, @LovelyMiss! :slight_smile: