Nerd Games Discussion Thread

August Prompts are up! Clues will be going out later this week, I admit I let my class take over my life and wasn’t as prepared for this month as I thought I was going to be! Eeek! But I’ll get it all worked out. Any questions about the paths, let me know!


I have a question, I might be overlooking it, and if so, SORRY! But, where is the battle this month?

Your battle will be something that represents the person you choose to talk to like last month. For example:

August - battle - Aimee (forest)


Okay, I remember that from last month, but I couldn’t find were I read that. Thanks! I already have ideas for every prompt and it works in perfectly with my STS store I am starting to work on! Thank you again for such an amazing event. I know it is a LOT of work.