Nonsense Artificial Intelligence Quotes

Quotes directly from or mashed up by inspirobot.


I love the mashup of the old pictures with the vibrant colors.

Those color mashups and black/white portraits make for an awesome combination!

You always manage such bright saturated colours, I just love it. Great rosy cheeks on those photos too, nicely done.

I can’t tell you how much I love these!! Both the designs and the “sentiments”

stylish and absurd :heart:

Awesomely vibrant atcs :smile:

Love the amazing colors and witty captions :heart:

Thanks for the entertainment! :joy_cat: Got to love AI generated anything.

The quotes are hilarious and I love your backgrounds. Did you use masterboards? They look fantastic.

I love how much energy these each contain. My eye can’t settle, as I keep seeing new little details. They are so vibrant!

I’m always in awe of your usage of color. It’s so vibrant and busy, but in a totally awesome way. These are incredible!

Hehehe, I love them all! The quotes are hillarious and the colors are lovely!

these turned out awesome! and i am in love with that bot. i got some real head-scratchers on it but they are great.

I used gwlli prints for the backgrounds, and magazines clippings for the borders/embellishments!

Thank you everyone, I love these SO much! Sorry I didn’t include much info about them, I was so sleepy last night but wanted to get something posted on the new forum!!

The backgrounds are gelli prints, I used vintage year books and magazines for the collage elements, and posca paint pens/gell pens for doodles!

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“before inspiration comes the slaughter” is my new mantra. Lol

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I tried InspiroBot a few times when I first came across it, didn’t like any of them, tried it now and got a funny one at once XD

I don’t know if I love the background or the choice of portraits the most, but I think they are all amazingly put together.


These are so awesome! Love the “quotes,” the vibrant colors, and the general mixed media-y goodness!