Not That Far - Ornaments for Besties


I picked up these blanks a couple years ago thinking I would give them to my besties on our semi-annual get together. But then Covid hit and you know how that affected travel. So, they sat undone for a while, then I worked on them a bit thinking we’d be able to get together soon, but it was still on virusy out, so they sat half done for a while longer.


The back and sides were originally red, but I painted the sides with various pearlescent paints. I cut down straight pins for each of our locations, then glued a rhinestone to head of each of them.


The stars are repurposed beverage cans (when I find a thing I like, I really do it!) cut with a Bigz die on a Sizzix Big Shot and stamped with individual metal stamps that I just happened to buy at a yard sale that the three of use went to together when we got together here in Montana years ago!


What neat ornaments - both the execution and the sentiment behind them!

You know I absolutely love them! They are such the best!


Lotta fun!

I’ve hand-cut aluminum cans for projects, so I’m quite jealous of your machine.

This is so sweet and I love that you added the touch of striping the sides. It really elevates the entire project.

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What a fabulous idea, and so well-executed!

Thanks so much everyone!

I think I stumbled upon this method while looking for something entirely different and since then have been hooked! Until the pizza ornament, I thought you had to use the Bigz dies, but even Thinlits work! Which maybe sounds like gibberish if you aren’t familiar with the machine…

Oh these are so wonderful. Loving the colorful sides, the location markers - so much to like!

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These are just the coolest gifts for besties separated (but not that far) by distance

That’s really stinking cute!

Thank you, pals!

The painted edges add the perfect touch!

What a touching gift for a faraway friend! These are fab!

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Thanks, y’all!

These are so sweet! Can’t keep good friends apart!

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These are so neat, and I love the special connection to your besties in the supplies, too. Very special.