October Birthday Gift Bag

My SIL’s birthday is the first week of October and she’s both a Hallween lover and a cat lover, so it seemed right to use remnants from these pillowcases to make a little giftbag for her birthday gift.

I used some ribbon from stash to make the casing for the drawstring (also stash).


those are super cute!

I bet she’ll love it! (You can never go wrong with Halloween and cats.)

Thanks, friends!

Very cute, and sounds perfect for her.

Love. I hope she keeps the bag, too. It’s super darn cute.

Nice!! Love the ribbon casing - genius!

I was going to say I liked how you attached the orange ribbon rather than just tying it on but then saw it was in a sleeve. Now I’ve got to see if just attaching it would work as well.

I have done some where I attach the ribbon in the side seam and it works pretty well. It’s just fussier to get the gathers even that way and since the top piece is self-lined it seemed easier to get a tidy presentation this way.

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