Ohana means Family embroidery

I had the idea for this design when I was thinking about the January stitch along prompt “Home Sweet Home”.

I saw @Lynx2Lancer project and it gave me a tropical feeling which made me think of Lilo and Stitch, and when I thought about them I thought about the word Ohana, which means family, but it’s way more than just blood related family, and family for me (either it’s real family or friends) is home, I will always feel at home when I know I have those I love close to me.

So, I give you a lose interpretation of Home Sweet Home.

The whole design is made my be, I wanted to have some lose sketchy flowers around the words, but in the end I just made some leaves from Lilo’s dress, and one hibiscus flower inspired from the scene where Nani releases the flowers she held in her hands.

I made a mistake of using a felt pen to get the words over to the fabric, so at the bottom you can see the dark blue, sadly, but I’ve learned and bought a special embroidery mechanical pencil that works nice on fabric.


I love that I inspired your project!

And, it is a great interpretation for the theme.



Until I saw your entry I was completely blank on ideas, then it just hit me XD I’m glad it did because I really like the end result. Thank you


Your end result is perfect. The fabric is perfect, the stitching is perfect, and I love the change in color and font size. Just wonderful.


I really love this - so beautiful!!


This is gorgeous! From the thumbnail I thought the leaves were a print on the fabric, but wow; I’m so impressed that they’re all embroidered! Your design is beautiful. Also, this is a fun coincidence for me since I happened to watch Lilo and Stitch with my family just a few days ago.


Thank you all! Yes, the leaves are also embroidered on, those took the longest to do I realised :stuck_out_tongue: will see if I decide to fill inn the next project or not.

Funny thing is that even if I haven’t seen the movie in a long time certain scenes are playing on repeat in my brain XD hope you had fun watching it


So impressed you stitched all the things! Using a background fabric looks good, of course, but you can’t always find the perfect pattern. What you decided on is all so fitting and looks great together. I too particularly like the mix of font style, size and colour. Nicely done!


Your layout is perfection. The fonts. The thread choice. The background fabric. The sketch quality of the organic material. The entirety of the piece is utter perfection.

I’m so happy you were inspired, because this came of it. Thank you so much for sharing!

:four_leaf_clover: :metal: :shamrock:

If you have time, would you be willing to post closer photos of the stitching?


I just love this so much!


Oh this is beautiful!! Great stitching!!



I love this so much! I even have an ‘ohana’ tattoo! Great job!


This is real, true, love. Pure and simple. Great piece!


I love the idea of tattooing Ohana to always remember the meaning :smiley:

Thank you all for the awesome comments

ok, @JoyfulCloverasked for it, and I found time to take closeups of the piece. not certain if there was anything special you wanted so I just took of the flower and a leaf.

The other time I DID embroider I didn’t try to fill in anything, so this was a fun experience.

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