Okra Fries Flop

I have been into trying new things with okra this year, so far I made Mediterranean-Style Okra Recipe and now this new second way: Okra Fries!

@Lynx found this recipe Okra Fries - Healthier Steps and it sounded good! I was really excited to try something new!

The okra came out looking really good, but I was upset when it did not taste so good. The recipe called for chicken seasoning but we didn’t have whatever that is so I used what I normally do with fried okra: smoked paprika, garlic salt, and a little bit of ground coriander (the Mediterranean recipe had paprika and coriander, so I thought it would be good here).

It was upsetting to find that the okra tasted like water, with no seasoning at all and that you couldn’t bite through the okra. I don’t know if it was that we had too big okra or not enough seasoning, and I wonder if putting the okra in the air fryer or frying it up would work better to get it crunchy?

I do have a different recipe, that I wonder would work better but as of now, I will just have to experiment to find something that works!


I’m impressed by your culinary adventuring! Keep going and reporting!


The recipe did make it sound like a delicious way to prepare okra… sorry it did not turn out very nice. I do love that you experiment… hope next time is better!


Okra is tricky!! Kudos to you for even attempting! I have faith your experimenting will pay off.

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