One block wonder quilt finished this is the original fabric

Getting two tops sandwiched, quilted and borders in one day is a lot, even for a speedy impatient crafter like me.

This was my second finish today, I made the top a few weeks ago. One block wonder quilts are kinda cool, but due to every seam being bias and parts where six seams come together, it didn’t lay perfectly flat. So I just quilted this one in straight lines running top to bottom and did no intersecting lines. The fabric for the top and the back are both at least 20 years old and the batting is a vintage woollen blanket. It’s very heavy.

The light was almost gone outside when I photographed this.

This was the original fabric


This is such a dramatic transformation of an out-of-fashion fabric. Well done my dear.


I love all the pinwheels!

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It is magical how one fabric can create such a dramatic look! The color changes are wonderful…lots of movement and you and Molly really laid them out to flow nicely together!

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It reminds me of kaleidoscopes! What a fun pattern!

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Having seen the original fabric, I am going to claim you have supernatural piecework powers! WOWZERS! The end product is so dynamic!


I absolutely love it! It’s definitely moving up my list as a quilt to make. I think it might be 4th in line. :slight_smile:

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I think if I were to make it again,I would use smaller triangles, it would give more of a trippy effect. It is a great method though.

You have me curious, what’s at the top of your list?

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I was impressed when I saw the quilt, but even more so when I saw the starting fabric. Wow. You have an eye for fabric placement and fussy cutting. I love this quilt!

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This quilt isn’t fussy cut, the patterns are just serendipity. You have to find where the pattern repeats on your fabric, and lay 6 repeats lined up on one another (this is the hardest part)

Then you cut strips (I used 4") then triangles from the strips. It’s the six identical triangles that form the pattern. It’s actually fairly straightforward once you get your head around the technique.

You need to start with a big colourful print and then you get lots of colour variations in the triangles. This is a perfect quilt for a big lairy pattern, or in my case a very dated fabric


Wow! That is really neat!

At the top of the list is to finish binding a baby quilt for an almost 3 year old. Then, I have a FPP quilt of Frankenstein (a cute, friendly Frankenstein) for a 6 year old (it was supposed to be a baby shower gift!!). Next, is the Deep Dive quiltalong, And, finally, I have a Jelly Roll Race quilt top that is finished, but needs to be quilted and bound.

The One Block Wonder quilt (I actually have fabric for two, I think) has been bumped ahead of a batik quilt kit I bought years ago, plus another pattern I bought along with the fabric bundle. And, I have an EPP hexagon pattern (Granny’s Garden, I think).

Those are the ones that are just off the top of my head :slight_smile:

That’s a long list! I actually ran out of people to make quilts for this year, I only give them to people who do handmade stuff, or who really get the time and effort that goes into them. So now I don’t have a list, I just get inspired by different techniques.

I’m loving the economy blocks at the moment and still working my way through scraps. Thinking of maybe doing some Elizabeth Hartman blocks next… But they will likely be more orphan blocks. Still waiting for the next quilt inspiration.

Can’t wait to see your Frankenstein!

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I have a few Elizabeth Hartmann patterns and Shiny Happy World patterns in the pipeline…

Besides a lack of time (I am multi-tasking right now… communicating with my teaching team about student issues), I don’t have my craft space set up just yet, so it’s hard to do a quilt project. Soon, I hope!

It turned out amazing!

I cant believe you made something so gorgeous out of that fabric! Beautiful!


Thanks honey, lovely to see you here again

I love it!!! I cut out fabric to make on of these quilts over a year ago, I really need to get to sewin!!!

Oh, I can’t wait to see it.