Ongoing ATC gallery & discussion for 2021

I always feel weird when I make a card in a short amount of time… but sometimes that’s all it takes.

Today I made one super fast and the other took up most of my the day… and I’m happy with them both :slight_smile:


so fun to be swapping again! i just stole a great idea for my list from whistlefish. ya’ll inspire me.


Sent my first claim, completed my second claim, and made my 4th claim. Busy day for atcs!

Edit: I completed two more of my claims. They should be in the mail tomorrow.


I received my first card for 2021 from the lovely @Reinikka who is reminding me to “live gently.”

I love it, thanks!


Oooo! I love that. It’s gorgeous! Great job @Reinikka!

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That’s really beautiful! I love it! :slight_smile:

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Very pretty! :slight_smile:

Nice work! What a lovely sentiment too.

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I had happy mail from @Lynx2Lancer today! The prompt she picked was her username! I plan on hanging them all up in my craft room and now I have a nice little reminder of @Lynx2Lancer to inspire me! (And now I know the story behind her username too!)

Thank you so much! I love it (and the card/note as well!)


I read from @Lynx2Lancer too!

I love this and her handwriting is very cool!


I received from @Whistlefish she sent me two because she didn’t feel like the first one was enough (boy do I know that feeling!). Either one would be enough for me but I won’t complain about getting two :wink:

First is inspired by my son. Anytime he wakes up sad he says it’s because of pineapples :woman_shrugging: He uses them as an explanation anytime he’s sad and can’t express why… Whistlefish included his name and age but I covered that bit for the picture. Now look at this sad pineapple!

And here is the bonus ATC :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: so pretty!

Thank you Alex! I love them :kissing_heart: and your penmanship is something to strive for! I want to frame the letter you sent because it’s just so lovely!!! :sweat_smile:


I also received from @Lynx2Lancer, for my Berenstain Bears theme:

It’s their tree house! Thanks, Laura!


there is just something so freaking cool about sewing on paper isn’t there? lovely cards.

Super cool! I’d love to see more drawings @Lynx2Lancer!

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I would have never thought to use Berenstein Bears as a theme. I loved them as a kid! cute card!

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These are all so fun! Great to learn the story behind L2L’s username, and the sad pineapple is so cute!

Wonderful cards! :slight_smile: I especially love the goldfinch and sad pineapple cards!

I totally missed this one! I love it. Beautiful goldfinch!

Opened an art box I literally haven’t opened in years and looky what I found! A brand new pack of watercolor ATCs!


@Reinikka I think I’m going to do coffee for your ATC. The question is…how do you take your coffee? Black? Sugar and cream? :blush: