Ongoing ATC gallery & discussion for 2021

I’m glad you like it, and that it got there. The mail was a little slower this time…

I love the pumpkins and the merit badge! I may have to swipe that theme, next time. Some friends of mine had a camp wedding with merit badges and it was hilarious and excellent.
The little bit of lace in the enchanted forest is divine, too.


Ok, ATC friends-- I am slow, but October is go:

Come join in for some fall ATC-ing. :jack_o_lantern:

Oh dear… I think I’m late sharing this. The last week has been a blur :stuck_out_tongue: sorry!!!

From @thanate

Masterboards, postage stamp, and hand drawn (I assume) & fussy cut fork. Love it! Thank you @thanate :kissing_heart:


It’s October 5, and nobody has signed up for this month’s ATC swap. Is anyone still thinking about joining later this month? Have we all moved on to other things for the moment? If so, how long a hiatus do people think would be good? We can go back to doing every other month; we can pause until next year… what do you feel like?

  • No, don’t close! I wanna swap now!
  • Maybe November will be better?
  • Ugh, busy, ask me again in January…
  • I have too many ATCs and never want to swap again.
  • Other (discuss things in the thread!)

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I just have zero swap mojo in general right now. I was going to reevaluate mid/late month, so I’m hoping I’d be up for a round in November.


I’m so sad I haven’t been around on LC much. I just started a graduate degree and am remembering how to be a student! I was hoping to join for some spooky ATCs in a week or so when one of my classes ends, but if it’s not worth it to everyone I’d understand!


So sorry, my crafting is down to 1% at the moment… I need to work on one swap (thankfully I have a plan, just have to assemble) then maybe in a few weeks I’ll be back to normal. (Dog situation has me down - see Happy Mail thread)


I would love to swap ATCs again, but I have my current swap I’m organizing and crafting and then a bunch of geocaching events and a Halloween Dessert Party to plan for. Then figuring out how to decorate a new house. It’s just a lot.


So sorry I’ve been absent as well! I’ve gotten so little crafting done lately, and what little I have already has deadlines. I should have more time again after the holidays!

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I received this money laundering fairy from @Lynx2Lancer (she’s literally laundering the money! :joy:)


I’d love to swap some Halloween ATC goodness… I’m moving next week so it will take some time to get unpacked to the point that I can do some ATCs. I often work on paper craft stuff while I’m on the phone for my job, so it’s still definitely possible for me to sneak in one or 2 ATCs before month end. Assuming it hasn’t been closed that is.

If I’m being honest, time-wise November makes more sense for me, but that makes me sad.

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a) I haven’t closed the swap because I am slow in all the things at present, so if you & @chameleonhound are temporally aligned, go for it!

b) There’s no rule we can’t swap spooky-season ATCs next month.

c) reminder for everyone that US postal times are likely to slow way the heck down soon, with expectation that they’ll be worse than last year, so I think December and maybe January are going to be a good time to sit out swaps and build up our creativity reserves… We’ll play it by ear, but maybe it would be better to do a holiday season craftalong & make some ATCs from our own lists?


I’m really glad this month’s round didn’t close after all. I wasn’t in the mood for ATCs these past few weeks, but am feeling like making cards again. :slight_smile: I hope some other people join in too!

I’m open to keeping the swaps open even in December and January even though mail will be slow. It’s always so much fun to get art cards in the mail. :slight_smile:


I finished this class I was taking. I need to get through this weekend, then I could possibly have time to join and swap a few.

I agree with @bluebird about not letting the slow postal service stop our swapping!


If people have got their enthusiasm back, I’m happy to carry on. :grin:


I really should swap just to have a crafty outlet.
However, I just reorganized my to do list and I have something like 2 books, 9 articles, plus 3 chapters to read in the next week and a half, or so. *sweats profusely *
So for now I shall lurk, but seeing art from y’all makes me extremely happy! The money laundering fairy is hilarious.


A little late, but woth the wait:

A super fun machine embroidered gnome atc from @thanate.