Ongoing ATC swap gallery & discussion 2020

I received from curiousfae for my Halloween version of the painting American Gothic by Grant Wood. She said her friend helped her out with the idea and to notice what happened to Mr. Farmer in the background.

It’s the Creature from the Black Lagoon!

Oh noes!

Thank you, I love it!
Oh and I forgot to mention that the frame around the ATC is raised, so it feels like a tiny painting.


lol, that’s great! :smiley:

I received a Harry potter themed card for a mimbulus mimbletonia from @curiousfae! it’s wonderful, thank you! :slight_smile:


That looks like a plant I would like to own.

@irid3sc3nt I love the expression on that chocolate “mousse”!!

@curiousfae The creature from the black lagoon/American Gothic mashup is fantastic!! Love it!! Beautiful work on the plant ATC too :smile_cat:

Aw, thanks! It took a long time in my head to get to the final product.

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Thanks you guys! These were both a hoot to make.

I loved making the creature but I drew him on a larger scale then shrank it down and inadvertently lost some of the detail by doing that. I really appreciate @irid3sc3nt highlighting it so y’all could see it. You can even see his glasses there beside him if you look close.

The HP plant was fun and if I’d had more time would have loved to do a little assortment of different plants she listed. Next time!

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Hi all-- swap poll results are in, so we’ll be back for another round in October!



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I’m definitely in for October! :blush:

Can’t wait!

Cool! Thank you for organising @thanate!!