Ongoing ATC swap gallery/discussion for 2022

I may go visit family in mid- Aug now, too, so I may only be able to do July. We can switch this to a private pm to discuss specifics then bring back to the thread.

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I received a beautiful ATC from @endymion for my favorite fairy tale theme, and I’ve never heard of this one, so I will have to look it up!


Glad it arrived safely! I was worried about it. Here is the story.

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I received two great ATCs from @irid3sc3nt!

First, for my Misheard Song Lyrics theme:

The actual lyrics are: “Hold me closer, tiny dancer.”
Do you notice how Tony holds you closer and closer, the farther you go down the card? Hysterical!

Second, a really mysterious and evocative card for my Image from One of Your Dreams theme.
I love, love, LOVE this one, which is rendered in pencil. It’s called, “They threw spore powder on me”. I love how the hand looks sketchy and smudgy, while the mushrooms are sharper and bolder. It really feels dream-like, where your attention is focused on something, but everything else is hazier.

Thanks so much, @irid3sc3nt!


I was hoping that you would catch the effects on both of those ATCs. And trust, it was a weird dream.


Hahaha nice work @irid3sc3nt !

That is a really beautiful card @endymion you are great at illustration :smiley:


The Tony Danza one is hilarious!

I got two ATCs this weekend!

First, from my non-paper materials theme, by @endymion

How cool! It’s anodized aluminum riveted to plexiglass, I believe? I got spoiled with a bit of art from the deep dark hidden stash. :grin:

And then for my “things that are hard for zombies to do” theme, @GeekyBookworm made one performing Romeo and Juliet! I love it, and I love that theater is where your brain went with this one! Fantastic!


Love that zombie card! :joy: Awesome!

I love the zombie actor! Great rendition of the theater setting, too.

Those rivets were my first, and were kind of a fail. But I really wanted to send the splatter-painted anodized aluminum I created when I attended a workshop at the University’s art department, years and years ago.


Not a fail to me, it makes it even more 3D! And the aluminum is really cool.

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I received this wonderful alternate book cover from @chameleonhound. It is beautiful!


I received a darling Pair of Pears for my Cute Fruit theme from @bluebird … it has a unique feeling so I had to ask what it was, she used Yupo paper. Now I have to investigate it :smiley:


Love the book cover! And those pears are so adorable! I have some Yupo somewhere. It has a very smooth feel, as I recall.


I received some limited palette cards from @Lynx2Lancer! She picked yellows to go with the black/white/grey and made two cards! She made a second card for the same claim because she wasn’t as happy with the first one. I think they both turned out great! I love the turtle and also the vibrancy of the yellows against the shades of black! Thank you! :blush: :yellow_circle: :black_circle: :turtle: :sunflower:


I totally LOVE yellow and those ATCs are fabulous! They are both cool; I love the turtle.


I received a funny adult merit badge atc from @irid3sc3nt !

The best part is, since my cat is inside-outside, she doesn’t use a litter box. BUT, I’ll be out of town next week and so some friends are taking turns cat sitting her, so I recently acquired some litter box stuffy for the occasion.

Perfect timing!


ATC from @irid3sc3nt:

and story:

(not what I was thinking of when I listed potion ingredients as a theme, but pretty hilarious…)


Those last two both made me smile! I used to scoop litter boxes and it is definitely a badge-worthy accomplishment!

And I love the “okey dokey” potion! That artichoke has so many delicious green colors in it, and I love the green-tinged edges also.


Super cool additions to the gallery!

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I received this wonderful atc from @megwell.