Ongoing ATC swap gallery/discussion for 2022

I signed up for August! It’s stacking up to be a busy month but I think I can squeeze in an ATC or two :slight_smile:

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Got two wonderful ATCs from @irid3sc3nt today!

This one is her take on Piet Mondrian. Same interesting arrangement of modern color blocks, but she used secondary colors instead of primary. I love modern art, so I am crazy about this one!

This next one I also love. It is for my “interesting people I’ve probably never heard of” theme. (Maybe my favorite theme!) Her great-great uncle was barber-to-the-stars, back in the old west days.

Thanks so much, @irid3sc3nt! Very cool additions to my collection. Also, I love your new return address labels. And the cat envelope. And the rabbit paper…


Yay! I’m so glad you like them. Those are pretty fun themes. Thanks about my correspondence supplies, too! I went back to the Etsy store and purchased two other kinds of address labels plus stickers, heh.

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man, this makes me want to break out the ol’ Trivial Pursuit game! Half the fun was gathering those pie pieces!
cute card, @irid3sc3nt


I have taken photos!

This is @Bunny1kenobi mashup theme of “Killer queen, dynamite with a laser beam” and “ace of spades”. I’m really enjoying seeing what people come up with from my themes. This queen of hearts doesn’t order people around to do her dirty work. Poor ace of spades. Probably buttered her toast wrong. His hand is reaching out to you! The light saber is rendered really well, you can see a faint glow from it.

@endymion sent my ATC attached to a Munsters postcard! Love love love it!

She sent an ATC titled “Lydia Deetz in her big hat, a la Gorey”, another mashup of themes. Lydia is in the attic of the house, you can see part of the model of the town in the lower left. There’s so much detail in this using different kinds of fine lines, and I like the perspective. It’s fab, just lovely.

@megwell sent this envelope with matching card! I took off the return address. It’s another item to go with my Halloween gizgaz.

This is for my theme “aliens gave my cat a beard”. She wrote that the aliens made him their leader and he is named Catswold von Rainbowbeard. I seriously laughed when I saw this, it’s wonderful. Do you see the green light beaming him in the background, too? Hard to focus because of the CAT WITH A RAINBOW BEARD AND MUSTACHE. I’m not sure how you did it, but it must have been fiddly. It is much appreciated here.

My newest one is from @GeekyBookworm. She chose my “snake lady” theme to create this lovely lady. GB went through several iterations to land on this lady who wears green just like her pretty snake pal Jorge. Her outfit reminds me of Link from the Zelda series, mostly Ocarina of Time because that was my jam. Maybe Jorge can get her around Indiana Jones style. I used to not like snakes until I was at a house party in college and the house owner plopped a snake on my arm and asked me to watch him for a bit. It was so cool to feel his scales propelling him and to see up close his inquisitive little face. I like little snakes but big snakes still kinda freak me out, usually because I’m tromping around trying to find a geocache and there it is. Let’s hope I don’t come across a rattler. I have been lucky so far. Anywho, you may not be able to tell from the photo, but she was drawn on a separate paper and cut out then adhered to this. I like the jungle background and washi tape sides. It really helps to tell her story. She’s definitely an adventurer or traveler. GB, what kind of markers do you use?

Thank you everyone for the ATCs, I love them all! I’m sorry it took so long to post them.


OMGosh you got some great stuff there @irid3sc3nt ! I love Lydia! Fabulous! And the bearded cat and snake lady are wonderful !


Can I make a plug for the Stationery Swap even though I’m not the organizer? I think a few of us know about it, but it seems right up most of our alley. Go check it out, sign ups are open.

Stationery Swap link


I use alcohol markers.

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I signed up for August. Wahoo!


Thanks for the shout out for the swap! Im hoping to get some greeting cards to send ATCs in next time i join!


Ha, I literally just stuck the thread down with glue stick. Which I don’t recommend, because it is fiddly and ultimately not very sturdy. I ended up going over it with a bit of gel medium and later paint.

Also, I don’t remember whether I mentioned this in the card, but the base is from a masterboard by anna.wahnsinn.