Ongoing ATC swap gallery/discussion for 2022

I’m reminded of a joke that ends with, “He had a hat!” chuckles

The quote is from Fraggle Rock-- it’s a bit from one of Marjorie the All-Knowing Trash heap’s songs that my husband kept singing at us recently. And then with themes of “put a hat on it” and something about stamps, I couldn’t resist using one of the dress up bits from the message monster stamps sheet.


I finally made a claim this round! :upside_down_face: I borrowed some ideas from your lists to get some new themes for my list! :partying_face:


That is such a good stamp sheet! They don’t sell it anymore online, though. The closest “fun” sheet is the Peanuts one.

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ATC from @irid3sc3nt in today’s mail; it’s a map from her favorite childhood computer game “Quest for Glory 4”

(I remember mapping the old text-based infocom games. :green_heart:)


Yes! I made maps all the time for games back in the day because most didn’t come with a map. It was a bittersweet day when games started having built-in maps. I like how this one looks like terrible Connect Four. Lol, I’m critiquing my own ATC.


Cool idea for map! I used to make my own maps for video games too! :smiley:

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My child is obsessed with Legend of Zelda videos, and there’s one that she loves where the guy shows some footage of the amazing journals he made while playing Breath of the Wild with sketches and notes and quoted bits of dialog. It was really neat to see someone doing that kind of thing with a modern self-mapping game that keeps track of your quests and stuff.


Ok, the November swap is closed, & as previously mentioned I’m letting December go on holiday this year, so we will start fresh threads for the new year!! Enjoy finishing up last month’s claims, and I hope everyone can manage a lovely & low-stress holiday season.

(eep, where did this year go, anyway? :eyes:)


Sounds excellent. I have two cards left to send. At night I’ve been cross-stitching my fingers away trying to finish up gifts, but other than that I’m ready with presents! I think in January I’ll add some valentines themes :heart_eyes:


I dunno know where it went! One minute it was October and now it’s just however many days to Christmas! Once I have all of my swaps finished (Which all should be finished and mailed Monday), I’m going to just breath, stay away from deadlines and relax!

Thank you for hosting this year. I’ll be raring to go in the new year! :blush:


I received this adorable HELLO KITTY ATC from @bluebird yesterday! It is so cute!! I love her! Thank you very much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Awww, very sweet!

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So cute!

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I received from @irid3sc3nt and it’s such good timing - I’m deep into binging Gilmore Girls, so the coffee theme ties in perfectly!

Thank you so much!


You’re welcome, I’m very pleased with how it turned out.

You’re welcome! So glad you enjoyed it! :slight_smile:

Three ATCs!

From @fishstix43 for my theme of white tree with pink ornaments. The tree is glittery and sealed, the background has silver shiny, and look at the pink decorations.

From @thanate for my lyrics theme in October. She said it reminded her of a poem from when she was little. It is wonderfully put together and I’ll think of it when I hear those lyrics.
She also sent extra ephemera!

From @megwell for a mashup of two things from my Pinterest… my love of neon and a hilarious saying that still makes me laugh every time I see it. I :sparkling_heart: neon!

This was a very fun mail day…I love my new ATCs! Hugs


I’m glad you like it. I started second-guessing the non-sequitur-ness of it at one point, so I’m really relieved that landed :laughing:.

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It really did. The font you used for it is great.