Ongoing ATC swap gallery/discussion for 2022

Yay for another player! Welcome @artsycandice !

I love King of the Smalltalk! That metallic crown is perfect. Excellent name for that little guy.


I may make lots of claims in the next short bit as I try to make up for missing nearly half the month already. :laughing:


A cute animal from @pioneer9!


Ooh, take over massive claiming for me! I grabbed 15 claims in a span of a few days! Time to slow down and focus on my new swaps.


:laughing::laughing::laughing: Okay, okay.

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It’s also not actually necessary to go quite so fast! :laughing: Save a little enthusiasm for next month too!


lol. Gotcha. Find a balance. I’ll work on that. :laughing:


Now you tell me! :rofl:


I received the moat adorable sloth ATC from @pioneer9 today!


I love that bold and colorful animal style, @pioneer9 !! So cute!!

And yeah, I’ve already slowed down on claims, even though I want to do tons more… Just gonna make myself send out the ones I’ve already claimed first so I don’t overwhelm myself!

Today I received FOUR awesome atcs!

On the left side, from @megwell, a positive affirmation and from “a magic wand.”

On the top right, a very happy “calm” word of the year from @pioneer9. On bottom right, a beautiful watercolor background with a snarky-ish affirmation from @curiousfae.

Thank you so much, ladies!


Those are all great! @pioneer9, I love your bold, colorful art style. Actually, those are all pretty colorful! Is the wand done on black paper?


The base of the wand one is from a masterboard by @anna.wahnsinn. So the music page w/dots and stars was the whole base, and I painted most of it out in black so that the masterboard forms the wand, uh, spray (with a little help from metallic gel pen).


Ah, I see now. Cool technique!

Just got a beautiful ATC from @curiousfae for my Virtues/Positive Humankind theme.

She says it is rendered in watercolor and ink, and that the quote is from Wolfram vonEschenbach.
Thanks so much; I love it!

Oh! And she also sent a very pretty handmade card.


I received two fun ATCs from @Lynx2Lancer today!

Here’s one for my video games (Mario Kart) theme:

Hee hee, clearly he has beaten Princess Peach in a race!

And here’s one for my Seattle theme:

It’s a lovely watercolor of Pike Place Market’s iconic sign!

Thanks a bunch!!


@pioneer9 – I truly love your style. It’s so bold and whimsical. Both the elephant and the sloth are fantastic. It translates well into lettering too. The Calm card reminds me of an artist, I just can’t think of her name… Laura or Lauren Brightenton…? I will have to figure it out and share it with you later.

@megwell – What does the card on top say? It looks really cool and I love the colors you chose. The Magic card is very graphically striking. Great job!

@curiousfae – No one can touch your lettering, which I think is the hardest thing to do. It is always so clean, clear, whimsical, and beautiful. You turn it into art and make it look so effortless (which infuriates me because I know how hard it is!).

@Lynx2Lancer – Cute Yoshi. The Seattle one has a dreamy post-modern feel to it.

Okay, brace yourself. I got the most amazing card today. @endymion took it to the next level. She truly put the artist in Artist Trading Card! She said this was her first one and I can only hope that there are many, many more to come. It is for my Animals Reading theme.

and so you can see the metallics a little better, an angled view.

She said she wasn’t sure if it counted as him reading, but he had his paw on the book. From the look on his face, he was most definitely reading and we are interrupting him. Ha!
This card is so amazing. She even cut little squares in it to add some drama. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Thank you so much. This completely made my week!


@endymion can you see me picking my jaw up off the ground? Your atc is gorgeous. It could be a book cover.


“By being myself, I bring happiness to others.” I used my new typewriter stamps and then outlined the words in gel pen to help them stand out better against the fabulous masterboard background by @Smmarrt.

The wand card is one of my favorites I’ve ever done, so thank you.


I just unpack my ATC binder after 1.5 years in storage and discovered some themes I forgot I collected. Added those to my post in the claims thread in hopes of unstalling it.