Ongoing ATC swap gallery/discussion for 2022

I received a fun music themed atc from @Lynx2Lancer today! It’s wonderful!!


I received two darling cards yesterday!

First there’s this sweet little Oddish from @bluebird:

It looks so happy!! And is already tucked in to my growing Pokémon collection. :slight_smile:

Next is this adorable Nook brothers card from @Kwality570:

Just look at those two cuties! I love the bold lines and bright colors, as well as the contrasting background!

Thanks, both of you! <3


@roler – Oh my goodness. The idea of recreating the creatures from the stamps is genius! I love it so much. They are so cute. I really hope they make more of those stamps, weren’t they the neatest? Then you can get even more inspiration. PS. I think those are undies. That walrus is absolutely amazing. I love all the techniques you used, from the line drawing, to the rainbow coloring, to the night sky, to the white whiskers. It’s fantastic.

@endymion – The floral doodle card is spectacular! It’s so detailed and delicate looking. Love the watercolor detailing. You could make greeting cards of that.

@Kwality570 – Your cards are so graphic and strong. Is that metallic on the fossil card? Love it! And your watercolor landscape has such a rich and luxurious feel. Your Good Little Things card is amazing. I love the old-fashioned feel of it. It looks like an old Valentine found in the attic of your grandma’s house, in the best way ever. Love the typewriter and grunging effects. The Nook brothers card is fantastic! The way they are peering out of the card is perfect! Fantastic and thorough coloring too. You can tell you layered it and shaded to perfection. It gives it a wonderful finished quality.

@Lynx2Lancer – that little penguin looks like he is a curious little fellow. Did you build the Mixed media on the 6 card? Neat. The Music card is neat the way you mixed sound and sign language.

@bluebird – Oddish looks so happy! I like the shading on the leaves.


I can’t take credit for all the pieces on the mixed media card, many were received in previous swaps.

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You guys are having too much fun without me!!! :joy: I want to play too :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Off to send in my questionnaire!

PS - all the cards this month are fabulous! I am loving all the styles and variety :heart:


Yay, Reinikka! XD You may have spotted some of your masterboard work in this gallery already! :slight_smile:

I just finished my “cool technique” card for @Lynx2Lancer , but can’t mail it until it dries. Now I just have one more to make and then I’ll be caught up! I may or may not start claiming again immediately since I just joined another swap… but I want to keep ATC-ing too!


Wow! The AC twins are fantastic!


I received a wondrously clever snarky affirmation from @endymion today!

And, open the wee door to be greeted by:

Bahaha! Fantastic!

Thank you.


Love it!!


lol, love it! :slight_smile:


I just received the sweetest “Pinterest inspired kitty” from @bluebird!

I had several cats in this style on my Pinterest boards, and she made one for me! The dotty background is so cheerful, and the kitty looks so content. I once owned a smoke-gray kitty, so it is purr-fact for me! Thanks so much!


Very sweet kitty!

I recd from @endymion
A mashup of my themes tarot and Saturday morning tv ( I love this idea. You’ve inspired me to add this to my themes list as one idea. Ingenious!)

I love it! I’m not sure if she knew it but HR Pufnstuf was my all-time favorite show to watch! As the mayor HR works very well as the as the Chariot card: aiding and directing the city to help Jimmy and his talking flute to escape Witchiepoo. It’s perfect!

She sent it in a beautiful hand stamped card she got from a previous swap. I love that.

Thank you! What a great addition to my collection.


Yay! I thought it was perfect, too. Even the two little minions correspond to the creatures on the Chariot card. And the “Rescue Racer” is clearly a chariot! Had no idea HR Pufnstuf was a favorite of yours; glad it worked out that way!
The beautiful card and hand-carved stamps were from @jemimah.


I have been super lucky during this swap and I have been getting the most awesome cards ever!
Last night I received from @bluebird and she surprised me with a Star Wars card. Her theme was tbd, so I had no idea what to expect. I did not expect this beauty!

I mean, Stormtroopers are not easy! There is a lot of detailing on those helmets and she got it spot on. It looks absolutely amazing! I am in awe! Thank you so much bluebird!!! Also, she shared an interesting fact that the eyes in the original stormtrooper helmets are actually deep green, not black. Huh. You learn something new every day.
Thank you so much, I absolutely LOVE this card.


You’re welcome! I’m so happy you enjoyed it, I was really happy how it turned out! :blush:

Yes, the green eyes! I always thought they were black until I found these references. If anyone is interested, you can see some up close photos of actual film stormtrooper costumes at these links. In the first link, you can see the green in the eyes from the outside, but if you scroll down there is also a photo from inside the helmet too showing the green eye shades.


That is so cool! I am a huge Star Wars fan and I never knew that.

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@artsycandice sent me this adorable socks atc to start my socks theme!!

I love that you included a card with your adorable stamped bird set! (I remeber drooling over these when they were received!)


I just received this Pinterest inspired rainbow/color wheel from @bluebird! :heart_eyes:


2 rainbows in a row! Both awesome!


I received a sloth ATC from @thanate. It’s so beautiful!