Ongoing Christmas Ornament Swap Discussion and Gallery

Yes, this is what my church does. We have 5 and they are different colors. Or can be.


I received from @Camelama (first package must have taken a wrong turn so she resent)

Have to share the story included …

Here is a little friend, trying to trim the tree. But one bulb is broken! Who can help? An even tinier friend! Tiny one has a replacement …

Aren’t they so adorable !


Awww, that’s adorable

Awww, they are super cute!

This one took a fair amount of time to get here, but last week my ornament from @Camelama arrived!!! I think it’s been on it’s way since November. I don’t know what happened, there’s nothing unusual to be seen on the envelope. I suppose it just got lost in customs somewhere on your side or my side of the Atlantic. It arrived last week, just as we were moving out of our house and into temporary accomodation, which is why it took a bit longer to post it. I was carrying a box outside when the mail arrived and I put all of the mail in the nearest bag, but it took me some time to figure out which bag that was (turned out to be my work bag, put them in the laptop sleeve to protect them, makes sense, but I forgot!).

But it was worth the wait. Look at this! It’s about 4 inch / 10 cm tall, two layers of felt and very very detailed. The light here is awful so the pictures really don’t do it justice, I hope @Camelama has better pictures than this! The theme was Little Women and this is obviously Amy. The dress is a bit more pink in real life and she’s carrying a painter’s palette. She’s very, very detailed and stitched with perfect tiny little stitches. She will definitely get a central place on the tree next year! :heart_eyes:


IT MADE IT! Somewhere there is another Amy, as I believe that is the first one I mailed - second one had different hair. :slight_smile: Yay! So happy!


It is so amazing! I’m so glad so finally arrived!

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Here are a couple pics I took.


Very sweet rendition of Amy!

This is fabulous work! What a pretty ornament as well! I would hang it all year!


I admire your tiny stitches! Do you know if there is a tutorial for making this type of ornament? I really like it! Great job!

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Thanks! Your pictures are so much better. I’m so happy she didn’t get lost eternally :heart_eyes:

Six months from now I’ll have a fabulous crafting space and I’ll probably hang everything I’ve received in swaps there year round. And this one will certainly take pride of place there!

We have two small bedrooms under the roof that we’re turning into one big(ger) room, and we want to do something with the tiny attic space above those bedrooms, maybe open it up or build a little reading nook. I want the room to feel exactly like the attic in the Little Women film. It will be a really cool, odd-shaped, cozy crafting space.


I just … make it! :slight_smile: I looked online at first editions book covers, old illustrations etc to get an idea of dress styles. Then I just started cutting out & putting it together using scraps & such, making changes as needed. Once I have a finished design i make it from scratch again with the good supplies (the good wool felt etc).

And of course, every time I forget i need to incorporate a hanging loop! LOL

I also had a couple ornaments in mind when i made this, like a Jane Austen from the Library of Congress. And I have looked at a LOT of felt ornaments over the years & how they were constructed.


What I thought was really unusual about your design is that her arms aren’t stitched to the front, you can lift up the arms and the palette.

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now I want to re-read Little Women!

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Here’s what inspired me:

But I couldn’t manage that partially turned body, so I just did a front view. And all my attempts at faces made her look insane :crazy_face: so I just left her without. :grin:


I was too busy over the Christmas period to even watch it :frowning_face: I alwas try to do that. And my books are in storage. But Little Women never disappoints. People make fun of the books but they are actually surprisingly modern and well witten. They’re not silly books for girls (and neither is Jane Austen!).


I wish I could find an article i read a few years ago that explained the reasons for why Jo ended up like / with whom she did. It was supposedly because Alcott did not like all the contemporary readers begging for a certain kind of relationship / partner / storyline for Jo, and she wrote what she did out of annoyance, a bit of spite, and determination not to be told what to do. I would love to learn more & if that was an agreed upon interpretation…


Oh, hey there.

All you swapping swappers check out the Peek Behind The Curtains Challenge! You don’t need to make something new to join in, you just have to (finally) share the things you’ve made already! WHAT!?

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