Ongoing Ornament Swap 2021 Discussion and Gallery

The 2021 Ongoing Ornament swap is OPEN!! Click here to sign up and make claims!

Be sure to comment here before claiming! Go forth and sign up! Can’t wait to see this year’s ornaments!




Edel to L2L for gnomes due Oct 10.

aimr to edel for flamingo due Oct 11
lilyleaper to aimr for star due Oct 11

AntBee to lilyleaper for snowflake due Oct 12
Lynx to AntBee for hearts due Oct 12.

AuFish to Lynx for Birds in Christmas hats due Oct 13

endymion to AuFish for goldfish/pond life due Oct 14

lothruin to endymion for retro/kitschy Christmas due Oct 15.

homerof2 to lothruin for yarn craft due Oct 18.
photojenn to homerof2 for birds due Oct 18.
aimr to photojenn for artist choice due Oct 18.
photojenn to aimr for gnomes due Oct 18.
endymion to photojenn for 8 bit video games due Oct 18.
homerof2 to endymion for combo craft love/artist choice tradtional themes due Oct 18.

I’ve been thinking of this swap… might have to actually join and not just lurk this year! :slight_smile:

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Gah I have way too many things going on in October but I love Christmas ornaments so will have to think on it.

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Heading to the sign up post now :athletic_shoe::athletic_shoe::athletic_shoe:


Join! My lovely people. They is nothing nicer than handmade personalised ornaments on your tree.


Haven’t done a swap in so long, and here are those familiar craft-conscious nerves I remember. :smiley: I’m excited!


Woohoo! I’m in and full of ideas.

Yay! I did a first draft tonight of my first ornament and it worked.

How could I possibly resist? I’m in!

I think it’s so cool that my first claim is the same as last year. Hiya, @AuFish!


Mine was the same too! I started with @Lynx2Lancer last time. We aren’t in a time loop, right? :yum:


I finished the active part of making my first one yesterday. Now the wait-around part.

That’s so funny that some of us are repeating the same claims at the same time as last year. Definitely a time warp!

Let’s please remember to add the “due by” and date at the end of our posts. I know a lot of us are busy and don’t expect to claim as much this round, but we were surprised last time and it’s how I keep track!

Also, remember to get the address directly from the person you are sending to! :slight_smile:
Yay for ornaments!

Oooops, my bad! So sorry.

No worries, just a general reminder! A lot of folks aren’t used to doing the ongoing format!

I have a plan for the ornament for @AuFish… just need to pick up one supply, then will be good to go. Can’t wait to get started crafting! It has been WAY too long since I made anything. And the house is just about ready to put on the market, so the timing seems to be perfect.


My first one is ready for mailing. Due to a troublesome car situation I think it will be Wednesday before it is on the wing.

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Halfway done with mock up for @Lynx2Lancer then I can work on the ornament.

My first one is ready to mail out too. Will be making another claim shortly

I’m ready to mail out as well…I sent you a PM for an updated address…