Onion Soup Mix

I made some jars of onion soup mix to give as gifts. It’s an easy replacement for the soup packets you find at the store. This one is vegan and used a vegetable base blend of spices and nutritional yeast, instead of beef bouillon, which many copy-cat recipes suggest. I made a couple of modifications to the ones listed here (soup mix; vegetable bouillon), and it turned out great!

I included a fold out recipe card for ideas and instructions, along with the labels.

It was a hit at my gift buffet today!

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I love that it can be made vegan!

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Very nicely done and thoughtful to make a vegan version!


Cute addition to the gift buffet!

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Thanks, y’all! I appreciate the kindness!

This is a great addition to the mix-as-gift world! Especially that it’s a vegan option.

These are great. I especially love the instructions and label. Kraft paper is the best paper to me. Did you design those yourself? I love your fine details right down to the heart punch for the tag!

Yum! Onion soup for the win! I love that you made this a delicious option for everyone!!