Operation Use Up Yarn - A Collection of Lavender Brooch

Operation Use Up Yarn has been on a slight hiatus as my life has gotten exponentially busier lately. Never fear, I finally had time to complete this project of Lavender Brooches! (I used this website as my guide).–I used the translate button since it is foreign to me to read). I used up the remainder of this share of purple yarn in this project.

I found a bunch of pinbacks in stash, so I decided to try to use them up and the yarn at the same time.

I ended up making about 15-16. The pinbacks were made to stick on, so I had to disassemble that part so I could use the holes to help secure when sewing on.

These are fun for me because I love the look of lavender, but the smell gives me headaches.

Closer look:

Of course, one could always spritz some lavender scent if they wanted.

Now that I see them all together, I almost like that better, but I already painstaking added the pins.

Thanks for looking!


What fun! I’m allergic to lavender, but could tolerate these!
Perhaps you could wear a cluster pinned near each other.


I love lavender. The real stuff and your rendition!

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Thanks, @steiconi and @Abbeeroad

I am happy to share! If you’d like one or more let me know!

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I really like this. It is so sweet and pretty.

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They are gorgeous!
And you used the perfect color yarn.

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I love the purple color. It’s perfect for lavender!

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So pretty! Lavender scent makes me hungry! It’s the weirdest thing…

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