Operation Use Up Yarn Scarf 3 - Chunky Rainbow

I’m continuing on with my Operation Use Up Yarn, and today I got out this chunky rainbow yarn. I don’t remember what I had originally bought the yarn for, but I do remember that the skeins I had purchased had been full of shorter pieces tied together with knots. I had written to the company, and they replaced the yarn. This is that yarn.

I wanted to do something kinda boxy with this one, so I made up my own pattern, although I realized I forgot to do a row of single crochet on the other end when I finished like I was going to! haha!

Anyway, I chained 11 sc. Then I went back and sc across. The next row I chained 3 then dc in next sc. I repeated ch 1 two dc across.

It measures 62 inches across not including the 5" fringe.

If anyone is interested in having this scarf, please pm me. I don’t wear scarves and I’d love for it to go to a good home.

Stay tuned for the next installment of Operation Use Up Yarn.


No way! You have elves helping you!!!

You are a crochet machine!

I love this one…looks so happy and warm…and it is long so it can wrap a few times!

wow…can’t wait for the next installment, which could be in a few hours…lol…how much yarn is to be used up in Operation Use Up?

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I will have to take a picture! I have a really big 30-40 or so gallon tub in the garage I am working through. Plus, there is a little yarn in the house.

I wish I had your energy and enthusiasm to work through my tubs…I will cheer you on and knit in my dreams! lol

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I’m not really all that excited about this project, but I’m plugging along! I do have a cute out-of-current-season amigurumi that is in the queue. Not sure if it’ll be next or more scarves.I may end up making pot holders because I have more chunky yarn, but not enough of any color to make a scarf. Oh, I could alternate black and white instead of pot holders. I have both those colors in chunky.

I do prefer this to making masks though!


Sounds like a plan!

Why not donate it? There are women’s shelters and homeless shelters that could use items like this, with winter in full swing!


Donating is definitely on my to-do list for this project. :slight_smile:

I love how bright and cherry this scarf it! Perfect for the short, dark days of winter.

I seriously don’t think you could be using up your yarn any quicker if you set it on fire! IMPRESSIVE!


You’re doing great busting through stash!

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