Operation Use Up Yarn - Woven Chunky White Cowl

I was going to make another Pumpkin Bear today for Operation Use Up Yarn, but instead decided to work on this “Winding Road Woven Cowl” (mostly) one skein cowl (sorry for the slightly blurry picture.

I didn’t end up having enough of the yarn to make all the row repeats to weave as much as the pattern, so it is slightly more holey than the pattern, but I was certainly not going to buy more yarn-- that would be silly!

I had a very small amount of the contrasting yarn color, which was perfect to border this and give some fringe!


This is really cool!!!

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Really cool! And I’m amazed at how you are completing an entire project every day!

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Thanks! I’m not subbing at the moment, so I have more free time to work on things. I’m sure I’ll be subbing again soon.

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I love the basket weave going on there! I can see this pattern and colorway appealing to a lot of people, especially with the boho/macrame trends so hot right now. You should have no problem finding a home for this used-to-be-just-yarn!

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That’s really cool! Very interesting design.

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Neat design and you must be a fast knitter!

I really dig the shape of this!