OTT (One Tiny Thing) Secret Pal - Gallery of Goodies

I received from my secret pal!! She made the cutest mini-greeting-card-journal, made so I can swap cards in and out on a whim! Look how cute!

And a few of the decorated pages inside:

Thank you, friend! (She revealed her identity but I don’t want to spoil the guessing for all of you! :wink:)


This is the most adorable gallery! Such thoughtful and unique oddities!


it surely is!!! such awesome tiny things in here!!

now i just need to go buy some ________ and i will be able to send off my super secret ________to ____________!!!


What a sweet cupcake themed tin! Love that needle minder :slight_smile:

And I’m totally drooling over the fab mini journal…


I totally thought the mini journal was ___'s work, but since she’s not in the swap, I have a couple other guesses. It’s wonderful!


I received! So cool!

I got these lovely grape :grapes: earrings - I love them. I had a green set and now with a purple set I can make white AND red wine! :clinking_glasses: :wine_glass: :grin:

I have always loved grape earrings and seriously, did not have purple versions! Thanks, secret pal! I peeked so I know who you are but I’ll keep it secret until we’re finished. :wink:


Such a pair of pretties…


Those are amazing!

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Ooh, pretty earrings!

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Yummy grapes! Very pretty.

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First I owe a huge apology to Dorthy Zbornak!! I received the most lovely tiny thing! It all really did fall into place! Dorthy was matched with me and then discovered the gal pals and I dressed up, and won a costume contest, as the Gold Girls! I was Blanche LOL So it all fell into place and she made me this adorable needle case!!! I was in need of a new one! I absolutely adore this!

So difficult to get a good shot to show all the toy details. The eyes and earrings are all little French knots

Thank you so much Dorthy!!!


What a fab needle book! The tiny characters are instantly recognizable :slight_smile:

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Spotty internet while on the road…so briefly saying I love all the different projects!


I love the needlebook - i am of course now singing the theme song!


Cute needle book! I also now have the theme song in my head! :laughing:


I received from Tibbie, whomever that may be. OK, I know, but still.

It’s a lovely little hoopla with a delicate cross-stitch of a camping lantern. I love how the black background sets off the lantern. Takes me to many evening camping experiences in the woods. I can pick from North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Montana, redwoods of California, and Michigan. Whew, a lifetime of memories.
It will reside on the new porch. Thank you so much for this tiny treasure.


Fantastically wonderful!

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Wow! I admire anything stitched on black cloth! So lovely!

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What a beaut!

Wow, what a beautiful work of art!