Our Little Free Library

Beautiful Beag!

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Thank you too, @Abbeeroad, @Crafterlady and @Puamelia !

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What a cheerful little thing!

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I really love this! It’s so fun & colorful!

(& the cat is cute too! :grin:)


This is so wonderful! Beautiful design and I think the paint colours are fabulous! :smiley:


You should both be very proud of this. I love how the cheery colors make it stand out

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This makes me so happy. I just love it.

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Thank you very much, @MissingWillow, @jellybean, @PrincessP, @bethntim and @kittykill !

It has only been up for five days and we’ve had so many people, especially families with children ooh and aah over it (that we happen to notice, since we don’t often sit in our front room). Many books have already been taken and some have been placed in return. We are really enjoying it.

Also, the yearly flea market in our street went through this Saturday (last minute decision, because of the pandemic, so it was smaller and quieter than other years) and I bought a staggering 80 books (including small cardboard baby books and comic strips) for less than 30 euros! Every time I mentioned our Gratis Biebje, sellers would drop their prices…
Once I’ve cleaned and, if needed, restored them, they will either end up in our own collection, or in our Gratis Biebje. Or I’ll read them first and then put them in there.
I also pay regular visits to thrift shops for second hand books, so I will have no problem keeping it stocked up.


Congrats! Your Little Free Library is one of this week’s featured projects. You are awesome!


Thank you, @kittykill !
That is so kind of you.

Marc is awesome!
(He made it.)

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Our Gratis Biebje has been up for 1.5 week now and it’s a big hit!
Dozens of books have already been taken from it (mostly, as per the rules, one at a time), and also dozens have been left. We’re also filling it with books from our own collection and from thrift shops and flea markets.
I take all donations out first and sort, clean and, if necessary repair them, sometimes put them apart to read them first, before putting them back in. And some of them end up in our own collection.
Not only the visitors, but we also enjoy our Gratis Biebje very much!


I made book mark postcards for our Gratis Biebje and had them printed.
They arrived today.

(I blurred our address and e-mail address, that are printed sideways.)


Oh my gosh, this is so joyful! I love it!

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Thank you, @Cyn-energy !

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