OWS Round 2 (October) Gallery and Discussion

Haha all good! @Ewulotta’s list is too wonderful, I get it!
Hopefully you claim again Ewulotta and I can jump in :wink::stuck_out_tongue:


I claimed Riechan so I’m to be claimed again :smiley:


Oops! I claimed you! I didn’t know I needed to get in line behind @PrincessP I will see if I can delete!

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I ordered some material for kittykill’s and Riechan’s slippers and I hope it won’t take too long.

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Finally able to make a claim - better late than never, I suppose!

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I received an adorable stuffie yesterday from Rlynn! It is just perfect and so beautifully done! It was immediately snatched up by my youngest and snuggled. She is currently giving it more snuggles on the couch. Thank you!!!


Ca-uuute! Love the snuggle photo!! :heart:

So adorable! I received from @jillybeans. I need to get a picture because it is BEAUTIFUL!

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That bear is adorable!

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Look at this beautiful plaque @jillybeans made for me! I love it!


That is such a beautiful home sweet home sign! :heart_eyes:

This is so beautiful :heart_eyes:
I took the kiddo to the fabric shop today to grab some more material for the slippers. Well, now I have to make another pair of slippers (he asked for just one slipper modest as he is :sweat_smile:). And I guess as soon as Emma finds out she’ll complain that it’s unfair if she doesn’t get some slippers. I’m glad we brought home enough material :slight_smile:

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What a cutie! My kids would love it too!

That is gorgeous!