OWS Summer 2022 Gallery/Discussion


I got part of my package from @jillybeans !

I love these pens!! Thank you! :heart:


Sorry for the delay. @Bunny1kenobi sent me some awesome vintage jewelry. Thank you so much!


WOW! Those are gorgeous!

Glad you like them!!

I got this amazing metallic paint set from @jillybeans!!

It includes paper, and brushes!

And the little pans come out! I don’t know why that matters but I think it’s so cool!

Thank you so much @jillybeans!!


Lol! I also don’t know why it matters but I thought it was just so cool that they come out in little sections and was like, yup, this is the one. I hope they work well!!

You guys! I just got the cutest package in the mail yesterday from @AntBee ! She croqueted (?) these two pillows for my girls, who absolutely adore llamas and alpacas. They are so beautiful. They were each claimed by them and they both squealed with joy. My youngest carried hers around most of the day and would occasionally scream into, because she is a little extra. She even demonstrated it to her dad last night.

The alpacas came to check out the new pillows.


WOW! Those are so adorable! I love the ombre colors and the texture of the yellow one is fantastic!

I have paint sets with removable tins…they have replacement sets that are collections of the colors you might use a lot. I also have the ones where you can replace one at a time. I love them! That is really a nice set…off to look at paints…lol


I’m so, so glad they like them! I love that they carried them around. That validates for me the choice to include the pillow inserts lol. Originally I was going to flat pack them and just send the crochet cases, thinking that many people have throw pillows they might like to dress up, but then I was like, these are for kids, they’re going to want them ready to rumble.


I received from Kittykill tonight! Pics in the morning, bedtime was anything but routine tonight and i’m toassssst.

Thank you so much, I love it!

Eta: pix


Yeah!!! I love the sugar. It is so wonderful. I didn’t start a new round but someone else can organize if they want.


Awwww so cute! Your stitching is always top notch @kittykill !