Padded Headband, Obidome and Clutch - FCQ12020 Challenge Entry

I wanted to do a contest entry for this Spring Bling contest because…well…it’s basically the realm in which I live? XD I’ve always wanted a padded headband, got these clutch frames as a Christmas gift for myself, and thought it would be fun to do a set of matching pieces so I threw in an obidome for good measure when I still had a few days left at the end.

I got my hard shell clutch frames from Alibaba back in December. The striped fabric was a gift from my Mom, and the interior lining fabric I inherited from my grandmother. I did the butterfly applique by hand - no hoop since it was small.

The lilies were leftover version one petals from a commission. The client wanted a different shape, so I found a new use for them. The rhinestones are supposed to represent dew drops, but I ended up using more of them than originally planned to cover some dust that got trapped in the uv resin. :frowning: I still think they look pretty good.

The butterflies are handmade wire frames backed with holofilm, and coated on the front with clear uv resin.

I padded the headband with upholstery foam that I carved with a pair of scissors into the arch shape.

The obidome is made from chipboard, chiyogami paper, a silver tone metal name plate, and an obidome converter - as well as the same rhinestones, fabric and holofilm butterflies I used for the headband.

I wrote a lot more about all of this crafting process on my blog, but if you’re really interested I’ll be doing a livestream on twitch of how to make the obidome. I don’t want to spam this board (it’s bad form!), but I have the same handle on twitch as I do here so if you want some live crafting companionship feel free to join. I also advertise LettuceCraft on my stream, because I love you all so much <3


That is all so very cool! I love seeing your work with halofilm, it’s stunning.

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Beautiful! :slight_smile:

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Oh these are so pretty! the butterflies are especially wonderful!

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Wow! Absolutely beautiful work!

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What an attractive set! The butterflies are exquisite. I had to look up obidome and chiyogami and holofilm… I learn so much from all of the crafters here!

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Gorgeous matched set.
The butterflies are beautiful!

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