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Post your goodies here!

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Taking a seat in the peanut gallery


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Oh Iโ€™m looking forward to seeing everything!!

Ok, I have goodies to post!!! A giant former amazon envelope arrived on my porch this afternoon from @Reinikka with 3 different series of masterboards (I particularly love the leaf motif ones!), some neat book page bits & stickers, rock stickers (!!!) & cardboard trees, a host of mushroom bits & oak leaves, fern-stamped tickets, and cute mini-cards & envelopes. (did I get everything? Felt & string wrappings, too!)


wow! jackpot!!
those trees remind me of the game Hi Ho Cherry-O!
Did anyone else here play that during childhood? I used to LOVE it!

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Love all the shrooms and triceratops cards. Also, partial to the tickets!

I also love the tickets and how the masterboards are used to make cut -outs! I get so many ideas and know that more will be here soon!

Lovely start!

Thatโ€™s where they came from! :laughing: My kid has lost nearly every cherry so the other pieces have slowly been disappearing as well :wink:

@thanate Yay! I hope you like everything :slight_smile: It was fun challenging myself to use things that would other-wise be trash (to some people :wink:). The felt was a last minute need for padding/buffering in the box. I figure it could be re-used so it was an easy alternative to wasteful packing :slight_smile:


Itโ€™s great! I might need to look at that class for using ephemera, thoโ€ฆ

I will definitely used the felt for something! Also, I think we might have all the cherries from someone elseโ€™s game that we picked up third-hand somewhereโ€ฆ :thinking:


Wowzaโ€ฆthat is a lot of awesome paper goodies! Love the shroom bits!

I found myself trying to use what I had in stash rather than buying lots of new supplies (buying way too much is usually my downfall when I join a new swap).
Way to go with creative padding!


tapping my foot, waiting, waiting, waiting for goodies in the gallery!
I need to be more patient :smiley:
They will prob all arrive @ once!

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The package I sent should be delivered on Monday evening. Patience is challenging!

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Holy moly, thatโ€™s a lot of amazing stuff! I especially the way you did the mushrooms @Reinikka!

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Marvelous! The leaves and the scales, mwah!, delightful! And of course I adore the mushrooms.


Grab a cuppa - so much spoilage from @Bugaboo. This will be 2 or 3 posts to accommodate all the pictures.

First up, the package was thick and heavy and book-ish. I thought maybe she sent me the incorrect swap! But no - look!

A pristine journal just ripe for art journaling!

And the pages were STUFFED with goodies. Iโ€™m grouping like items together but in the book they were staggered.

Master boards

Die cuts


Lots of journal cards

A tag and an AT coin

An ATC and a collection of die cut flowers


Some paper scraps and map pages

Stickers galore

Two favorite things - a Keith Haring card and a mini Andy Warhol - squee!

And a set of inspirational quote cards with some blank cards to create my own

I guess great minds think alike because I made/sent some similar items! Thank you so so much. Iโ€™ll be a busy bee in the near future!


More lovely paper goodies. This gallery is a feast for the eyes :slight_smile: And what a neat idea to tuck the paper embellishments within a book to sendโ€ฆlove it!