Paper gift bags for birthday party favours

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For my daughter’s birthday get-together this past weekend, I made paper bags to put in some small favours for her guests. She just had her two cousins and a friend, plus her two siblings, so 5 bags in total.

I very loosely followed the process in this video called "Como fazer sacola de presente, meaning “how to make a paper gift bag.” It’s from a channel called “Dicas da Carol,” which translates to “Hints by Carol.” I found this video by searching YouTube for “How to make a paper gift bag.” Although I searched in English, videos in different languages appeared, though this one doesn’t have any talking in it.

For the handles, I didn’t want to bother with hot glue, so I just 1-hole punched the bags and pushed the ribbons through, then tied a knot. The cardstock on the inside is just to reinforce the holes, because the ribbon wouldn’t stay in the holes of the bag no matter what I did. As soon as I added the cardstock, it was fine. All ribbon was from stash.

I made a mistake in one of the bags as you can see, but they still worked out for what they were.

The contents of the bags are store-bought. A little Lego carrying box with a lid that also functions as a Lego plate/base, with some fruit candies inside, and a “pop-it” in the shape of a whale’s fluke.


These are cute! I loved the ribbon handles


I have to watch a video every time I make a gift bag, just cannot remember how!

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Cute and full of fun!

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These are a cute idea!

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Clever skill and useful in a pinch if you ever need it.

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What a smart way to reinforce the handles and a great use for the ribbons you had! Thanks for linking to the video, I think I’ll check it out and see if I can make a similar style bag with fabric.

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Cute bags! My son used to love it when I’d make things for his birthday celebrations.

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Thanks for the kind words, everyone!

@AudiobookLover I would love to see your fabric bag if you make it! I’d love to learn how to sew things like this some day…

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