Paper Lace ATC first attempt

I’m not in love with the colours on this, and I ripped the paper in spots accidentally, but it was a F.A.I.L., which of course means First Attempt In Learning.

I shall try again.

For the “lace” I used a needle to poke holes in the paper and an Exacto knife to cut away the negative spaces. I then glued this to a previously painted (acrylic) ATC, and finished by using water colour on the lace one.

It’s not my best ATC, but it was a good attempt.

I may rip off the lace one and attempt to reuse the acrylic ATC because i really liked it, and these colours together juat aren’t doing it for me.

The next time I do this, i may also try to sand down the holes a bit, as they’re too raised for my liking.



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First Attempt in Learning! Awesome way of looking at things!

I’m intrigued by your paper lace-making notion. It could have so many interesting applications.


Thank you :blush: I learned the definition of “fail” from my children’s parkour instructor :heart:


fascinating! From the term “paper lace” I was expecting something with a lot of fold & cutwork, but hole punching seems like a fun experiment also. Have you tried punching from the front side to see if that gives you a texture you like better?

Happy experimenting!


I love F.A.I.L. I need to incorporate this in my elementary art classroom! I look forward to seeing your thoughts as you experiment with more ways to get what you are looking for! Thanks for sharing!

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I agree. You won’t get it poking up so much if you punch from the front. Fun idea! Can’t wait to see where you take this!


So I did punch it from the front, but then I couldn’t for the life of me erase the design I had drawn in pencil (maybe I need a lighter hand next time). So I flipped it over to “hide” the drawn design. But you’re right, I think the front side was better, as long as I can erase the design next time.

I should probably clarify that I do all my ATCs on watercolour paper, including the “lace” one. I just find this kind of paper absorbs the copious amounts of glue I tend to use on mixed media ones. I also feel like it holds paint better, too, as well as watercolour, of course.

I don’t think I could use the “techniques” (for lack of a better term, because this is really just trial and error) on regular paper. I’d likely tear it to pieces lol

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Well, phoey! Maybe mark your pattern for the punch holes on a different piece of paper & then punch through both?

And if you ever want to investigate other glue options, I’m pretty sure a search will find you the last six times we had conversations about what everyone likes for different mediums. :wink:


Oooh; that’s so smart! I’m going to try it!