Paper, Mixed Media, Art Journaling Craftalong 2023

Do you make each page and then cut them or cut them and then make the page?

This type of art is popular for teaching in schools.

I’ll be out of town, so I’ll have to miss this one.

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This looks very interesting!
I’ll be out of town, but I’m bookmarking it to check out later

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this was a notebook I used to wipe off excess paint so it wasn’t wasted. so I had some color on the pages but they weren’t done by any means. I cut them and then added more color and will do more art as time goes on. I saved the extra pieces I cut out to add as fold outs on other pages.

Some people I think really plan out their ideas ahead of time.

here are some really cool examples

This woman must have made her pages first then cut. I think it just depends on how intricate you want to go. I didn’t tackle a fancy scene. I just wanted some interest on my pages


Sometimes just playing around turns out something unexpectedly cool, and sometimes…


come and join in the fun!

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Looks like you got a head start on the Neurgraphic art video!

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Is anyone prepping a page in advance? Like to dry?

I scribbled a couple just for practice.

@curiousfae I just sent you the link

Here’s that other video we looked at


apparently I have been stippling all wrong. Here’s another video where they are stippling with a fountain pen.

She also does white dots in the black lines like @curiousfae was talking about


Thanks @geekgirl, that was a really relaxing one. I used up a bunch of old paint sitting on my watercolour palettes.


I like how you have almost made them into something organic like stones with your lines!


Yes! Almost like looking through water to the bottom of a pond or something!


I decided to leave one just as it is so I can remember the lesson.

The second, I doodled really fast.

A very relaxing lesson…and it really did open up to a whole wave of ideas for future pieces!

Thanks, Carlee…for finding fun and instructive videos and lessons! Always nice to see everyone!


Very nice! Great shading in the top one and I love the blue doodles!!!

I left my first as is too:

And then I did a small version with some doodles:

I agree, this was fun and meditative and great to see everyone!


Looks like we were twinning in our color selections!

I love your little card-size one…it’s always nice to scale down these lessons to be able to make something to send out or give away! It does look like a cat…if you are into Picasso, Carlee!! :rofl:


They look like so much fun! Sad I had to miss it, we got home 90 minutes after it started.


Love all these!
This was really nice. I hope to do more videos with you all.

That was the stippling video I watched @geekgirl. Gave me some good ideas.

I’m on the road but will post something as soon as I can.