Paper, Mixed Media, Art Journaling Craftalong 2024

Welcome to Lettuce Craft Rae! I hope you find lots of creative inspiration here :smiley_cat:

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I’m still trying to finish filling this art journal…

The archway is from a magazine image I cut around. The rest is acrylic paint, collage, Distress Ink, gel pen, paint pen, Stabilo, and probably something else I’ve forgotten.


Any interest in watercolor flowers for our next zoom? Instead of a complete journal page?

I’m thinking April 21 but I’ll post a poll closer to the date


Looks fun to me!

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Sounds great!

Thinking about doing this. I just found them. Anyone know their stuff?
Inchie challenge

There’s literally nothing on that page. I tried clicking everything for more info…

I did her Jumpstart Your Creativity in 2024 challenge earlier this year with @megwell. It was short and sweet, but not particularly informative or helpful, but then I don’t think that’s what it was intended to be. I got her emails in my inbox for a while, but ultimately unsubscribed.

For reference:

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several of us did the inchie challenge last year. she mails out a prompt every day and you interpret it however you like. I did Twinchies instead.

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Sorry the link didn’t work @Magpie ! Glad y’all knew what I was talking about though. And thanks for the input.

I may try this. Just as a daily creative nudge.

The link worked but the page it went to had not a lot of info & no links, confuse!

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The link worked for me then pop-up appeared so I could join the Inchie challenge, then once I confirmed my email, it took me to the page with a video and a free pdf - not going to print it tho - too many pages and photos. I’ll just wing it when the prompts start.

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the link was part of an email with lots more info

here is the page that describes the challenge

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I almost forgot to post a poll to see who is interested in doing a zoom Sunday

Art Zoom Sunday April 21 at 3 pm Eastern time

  • I’m in
  • Not this time
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watercolor paints

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I’ll be there if I wake up in time - it’ll be early here, so I’ll be the one slurping coffee in my pyjamas lol.

Weekends are hard so I’m a pretty firm maybe. I rsvp’d yes so you’d send me the invite in case I can make it.


I work at a casino so my work hours are pretty unusual. My Tuesdays and Wednesdays are open if there is ever a zoom chat. :purple_heart:

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I’ll try my best to make it!

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Alisa Burke mixed media classes on sale this weekend - $10 each.

Rope bowls, cardboard play, layers, lettering and more. Just an FYI….


@Raeraethejetplane make sure you are checking out this thread - it’s where the general chit chat zooms happen!

The art zooms are us following along a video and less chit chat