Paper & Mixed Media Craftalong 2020

omg @Smmarrt you’re killing me! :rofl:

I got an email for a year membership to craftsy for only $2.49 it’s normally $80/year.
This is for Premium. apparently there is a level higher called Gold but I don’t know what it costs or includes that the premium doesn’t.
I figured if I only do one class it will be worth it.

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I’ve heard mixed reviews of Craftsy. Has anyone here joined before?

What I’m reading is that you should find out how to unsubscribe and how to turn off auto-renewal before you join.

Lots of folks were with Blueprint when it was bought by NBC Universal, then when this new company bought it from NBC, folks can’t get their accounts merged, can’t get access to old or lifetime classes.

So it would be interesting to hear if anyone on our site has experience with the new or the old Craftsy.

I bought a super cheap subscription this year and used it exactly never. :woman_shrugging:

There’s a thread about craftsy

I always set calendar reminders to cancel subscriptions. I hate auto-renewals. Also the card I used is going to expire in a few months :sweat_smile:

I was a member of the original craftsy, then blueprint, etc. I didn’t have a subscription but bought a couple classes when they had half off sales. They were decent.

I saw some water color classes and hand lettering classes so I’ll probably check them out.

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it looks fabulous! what a neat idea - - thx for sharing
P.S. I decided to pick up my sketchbook again for the doodle class, and started the vines lesson – finally, a lesson I feel pretty confident with! Oh, and reading further, I see you did something similar with the tree branch across the top – nice!!

@Smmarrt , the art with the kids’ handprints is just delightful! And to answer your question about Craftsy, I took a free class on weaving a basket with superbulky yarn (when it was a freebie) and it was very good…oh, I also did one on doubleknitting with a guy named Alistair something & it was excellent. But this was I think several years ago, maybe before the Bluprint takeover?
edit: nope, I searched my laptop & found the handouts & it was Apr of 2020, during the Bluprint era.


Had a lot of fun this weekend doing the last Bookmaker Collective class making a daily creative practice journal for 2022. I still need to finish painting 6 of the covers and my strapping to dry before I can begin binding (it won’t get finished binding until the end of 2022). It seems like it’s going to be a delightfully chunky book (currently over 2.5” thick before I have worked in it) and am looking forward to filling it throughout the year. I’d like to do something to my cover to make it less busy but am exhausted after 7 hours of straight crafting today.

The lighting in here isn’t the best so the pictures aren’t great but overall I’m really happy with how it’s turning out.


Those covers look awesome!

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They look fabulous

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Nothing looks too busy to me but I love lots of colour.

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So glad you took the class and the Sunday hours are long. Can’t wait to see how you use it next year.

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I’m glad you mentioned it! I wouldn’t have known about the class, or Andrea (who’s classes and style I’m obsessed with), if you wouldn’t have shared the links throughout the year. Thank you!

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Just posted a few ideas in the Swap thread…add your ideas or tell me what you’d like to do.


Wow Jenn, that looks incredible! I love how you’ve painted the covers, the layering is fabulous!

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Thank you (and everyone else who responded)!

My initial instinct is to respond with “I was just following along with the instructor” but she said something during one of her other classes that we should take credit for what we create with our own hands even if we were “just” following along. I am pretty proud of these and I’m getting better and being able to notice things that I want to change and address them. I was also happy I got to use one of my hand carved stamps :slight_smile:


You should be proud of your work :grinning:

Is that the wonky circles? It looks really cool!!

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Another thing Andrea has said is even if you only learn one thing, you’ve spent your money/time/creativity well.

I don’t love Alisa Burke’s style of teaching but I do admire her work. I have learned from her and it’s changed how I think about some things. So yay for Alisa Burke and yay for me!



If you’re not doing anything on New Year’s Eve - a 22-hour marathon of Zoom classes for $22.

It’s a maybe for me…


new paper craftalong for 2022