Paper & Mixed Media Craftalong 2022

For paper and mixed media crafts!
Post your projects, share ideas, etc.

2020 and some of 2021


I made tags out of my painted backgrounds with scribble writing.

I’ll probably use them in my ATC swaps on swap-bot.


These colors and the writing - just gorgeous.

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Thank you for setting this up @geekgirl :heart:

Last week at my little craft group we watched part of this video and started making paper houses with scraps. I had limited scraps with me and had to borrow some other scraps but I made/started these four (finishing two at home)

Then made some more and added washi tape to two of them

And here is one in-progress next to my scrap pile

I haven’t added a solid paper to the back or done any sewing like she does in the video, but I might. Mine are also much smaller than the ones in the video but they got me out of a mini crafting rut so I’m happy :slight_smile:


I love your little houses!

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I’m busy making envelopes to replenish my stash.

I have a bunch of off cuts measuring ~3”x 5-6”

Anyone want me to mail them some? I probably have enough to send out 3 envelopes


those are super cute! the first set reminds me of mushrooms. like little fairy houses.

oh just looked at the link - I like TreasureBooks videos!

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Wowzers, those are my kind of colours :heart_eyes:

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I have been playing with ideas for art curriculum all weekend. Nothing fancy, but new to me: oil pastels can be used like a scratch off print-making experience.

Here I am playing with an idea for K-1,meanwhile dreaming of beautiful drawings.

If this is new to you, too, it’s really cool!

(And now, I’ve posted and will remember this thread!)

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Inspired by you Fodderers:


the faux bois is going to be perfect for so many projects!

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The fish! Oh, I am enchanted by them…

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Great ideas - love the fish too.

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I love these little elements! How did you do the textures on them? Are they stamps, drawings, some of both?

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Thanks! It’s all fine-line pen or sharpie-size marker (black, white, or brown) on top of overwrought watercolor combinations. I’m trying to use up my cheaper-than-Crayola variety, which are naturally more of a challenge to work with and less satisfying, but doodling on top covers a multitude of sins! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
The fortune fish of @Smmarrt got me thinking we don’t see enough fish in art projects!

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Paper swap is posted - see you there!

if anyone is interested in a swap for Inchie Dice:


love your fodder pieces!

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Did you know you can type on fabric? I did not.

This is washed but untreated muslin. I smudged with my finger and no result. I applied my aging solution (dirty paint water, coffee, and whatever else) and paint - still no smudging.

This is muslin with white gesso, clear gesso, and gel medium. I will type on this today.

But I’m thrilled that you can type on plain fabric!

I’m thinking fabric fortune cookies, fabric Valentines, and ……


Great. Now I need a typewriter. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: